Hill Climber Interior

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Classic car technician Brian has been making and putting together the interior of our 1929 Riley 9 Tourer.

After drilling and fitting screws to the driver’s side panel, Brian made and fitted the supports to fit between the wood beams of the car. The back of the passenger side panels were painted and the driver’s side panel was cut into two sections to make removing it easier.

Brian went on to mark and cut out foam for the panels and glued it to the front faces. The edges were trimmed and the leather for the panels was also cut out. Once the leather was glued onto the panels, Brian removed the floor panels to trim and paint the edges.

The panels were fitted into the car and adjustments were made as necessary to ensure they fit perfectly. Once the rear squab seat had been trial fitted, Brian moved on to removing the front floor panel so the handbrake could be put back in. This was fitted before the floor panel was re-installed and the seat brackets were put back into the car too.

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