GT6 Repairs

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By Rob Harvey

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Julian has been completing some repairs on our 1971 Triumph GT6 MK3. Here are his notes:

Strip out rear axle, replace nearside and offside lower inner and outer bushes and both driveshaft donuts.replaced missing clevis pin for handbrake nearside. Removed centre and rear exhaust then fitted it correctly. Removed all fuel pipes, formed pipes correctly to fit chassis and bulkhead with new hose clips and p clips. Removed rear brake pipes and then fitted them correctly with new p clips. Replaced all brake pipes under bonnet including clutch pipe then bled both systems. Resealed top hose and thermostat housing and replaced antifreeze. Fitted correct size bolts to seat runners and seat belts. Adjusted tappets and replaced rocker cover gasket. Resecured body to chassis offside front. Tidied up wiring under bonnet.

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