GSX400 Progress

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Our 1984 Suzuki GSX400 has been with JAL Restorations for a little while now as they work on bringing this classic bike back to life.

While there have been several challenges and obstacles that have come up during the restoration/modification of the classic Suzuki twin, some positive steps in the right direction have been made too. Because of the custom nature of this particular GSX, the swing-arm has been modified and fitted to the bike. This was a lengthy process but, fortunately, the old rollers and bobbins were able to be reused.

9mm had to be removed from each side of the mounting cross-member and a countershaft to hold the bearing bobbins and spacer was required. Custom shims were then fitted on either side to act as grease retainers to make sure that the changes made to the swing-arm and the cross-member work together.

Shocks are currently being sourced now that the swing-arm and cross-member are installed and a seat is also needed. Once the seat has been found, the hoop length can be accurate or a custom build may be required. However, the rear hoop has been modified and is ready to fit.

There’s still a way to go before our 1984 Suzuki GSX400 will be finished but progress continues to be made towards its new future and that is an exciting thing to think about.

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