Getting the cylinder head back on our 1971 MGB Roadster

Picture of By Nick Skinner
By Nick Skinner

Marketing Executive/Photographer

Our 1971 MGB Roadster has been in the workshop of our Suffolk HQ for our technician Steve to begin work on getting the top end of the engine back together.

The car came into us with a blown head gasket so the team stripped down the engine to remove the cylinder head and inspect for any damage. Thankfully it was minimal to none so the cylinder head was packaged up and sent off to a trust engineering works to be checked, skimmed and rebuilt. Whilst it was away, the team have cleaned up the mating surface for the gasket to ensure the best seal possible for when the head returned.

Once it was back with us, after also having hardened valve seats installed to be used with unleaded fuel, Steve got the cylinder head back onto the engine and then began the process of getting everything back together before the car begins road tests shortly.

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