Following Along – Wiring and Light Issue with the 1934 Riley 9 Lynx

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

This 1934 Riley Lynx we have in at Bridge Classic Cars has got a few issues. Mainly electrical and involving the lights. So, our restoration technician Jonn has started to dig a bit deeper into it.

Upon inspection, Jonn found that the rear lights in the car had been wired in using what appeared to be an old household cable. Not the correct way of doing things. Jonn inspected all of the wiring for the Riley and found that a lot of it would need to be replaced in order for the car to be safe and to find out why the rear lights had not been working.

Jonn began by replacing the wires individually and testing their continuity as he want. Wire by wire he remade the harness for the rear lights in the proper way and ensured they were all safe and secure, once he began testing the lights he found that the rear lights that were fitted still did not work. Replacement ones were ordered and once they have arrived, Jonn fitted them to the car.

Once he tested the new lights, he found they had a dead short inside and kept blowing fuses in the car. So, Jonn took the new units apart and fixed the problem easily. Then, once they were working we noted they only intermittently worked. Jonn traced the issue back to some wiring issues at the front of the car and a faulty switch.

After the wiring at the front and the switch had been replaced and resolved, everything worked! now, it was time for Jonn to have a look into the leak carburettors.

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