Fixing the Lights and Transporting Our C-Type

Picture of By Nick Skinner
By Nick Skinner

Marketing Executive/Photographer

With our C-Type getting closer and closer to being completed every day, the team have had a few jobs to do before the car was due to be transported to a local specialist to protect the Seafoam Green paintwork for many years to come.

First up, the team had some repairs to do on the headlights of the Le Mans homage. Jon, one of our restoration technicians, had swap over some of the wiring for the car on the offside before refitting the covers back on. In putting the covers back on for the final team, the team head up the perspex covers and then fix them into place with the tapped holes with the shape also taped to the car to ensure they fit perfectly.

After that, the car was loaded into our enclosed trailer to be transported to a local paint protection company for the next phase of its journey.

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