Fit Up – Wiring Up and Checking the Fitment of the Bonnet on our C-Type Replica

Picture of By Nick Skinner
By Nick Skinner

Marketing Executive/Photographer

The workshop and paint team have been working on getting the bonnet of our C-Type replica fitted up onto the car and adjusted along with the wiring beginning to take shape underneath this homage to the glory years of Le Mans.

Along with the wiring, the paint team have also gone through and marked small blemishes in the paintwork only found once under new lighting which will be address once the bonnet is removed for final fitment.

Along with the work under the bonnet, the team have been working on getting underneath the dash wired up with the new timing equipment and odometer in place for the project to move forward along with starting to reinstall the switchgear,

John then went on to make the brackets for the Brantz before fitting and writing up the fog light in the grille.

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