Finishing Our Saab

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Our 1980 Saab 99 Turbo has been going through the last few stages of its restoration as of late.

Classic car technician John continued his work by fitting the rear quarter vents and trims as well as the boot lock and latch. After he had done this, he began the long and laborious task of removing the old sticky tape from the badges. He then had to apply new tape and reattach the badges in the correct position. John also fitted all four quarter mouldings.

Once John had finished the placement of the badges, he repaired both front door speaker wires so the door panels could then be re-fitted. The washer pipes to the bonnet and both headlights were routed and connected.

After John found that the nearside front calliper was seized, he stripped and removed it before fitting new flexi hoses.

The oil and filter were drained and John found that the coolant system was brown and sludgy. The header tank and radiator hoses were removed so they could be cleaned out before being re-fitted. John ran water through the radiator and reconnected the hoses.

John went on to remove the thermostat and cleaned this as well. The hose joiner was replaced with a new piece of copper tubing that classic car technician Clinton flared. All pipes were then secured.

The front spoiler was painted before being refitted along with the front bumper.

After noticing that there was a small hole on the offside inner arch/suspension mount, John stripped and removed the suspension so Monty could access the area and weld it. Monty cut all the old rusty material away and made plates to replace it and welded these in.

Classic car technician Brian has also been working on our classic Saab by refitting the door panels, connecting the wiring to the speakers, fitting the boot panels, and re-fitting the spare wheel and cover.

New brake calipers were also fitted to our Saab 99 Turbo.

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