FF Repairs

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Our 1971 Jensen FF MKII has been with classic car technician John after returning to the workshop for a few issues to be resolved. John began his work on the car by removing the old sill covers that needed to be replaced.

Once the sill covers were removed, John cleaned and filled the old screw holes before drilling and fitting new clips to both sides. As the covers didn’t align correctly with the jacking points, a modification was needed to correct this.

Another issue that the owner of our FF was experiencing was that the fuel flap wasn’t working. John investigated this by checking the switch and connections. He found that there was power to and from the switch so, after removing, cleaning and refitting the solenoid at the fuel flap, he tested it and everything was working fine.

The offside inner main beam was dim so John removed it and found that it had a poor earth and a bad bulb. The earth was cleaned and a new bulb fitted before John tested the light and made sure it was working.

John went on to repair the slightly damaged exhaust tips – making them round again before cleaning and polishing them.

The fuel filler neck pipe was tightened as the owner of the car reported that this was weeping. Once John resolved this, he fitted the new sill covers, including the modified jacking point covers.

An oil leak had also been reported to us, so John investigated this too. He used PTFE tape to make a better seal on the oil tank and, during a road test, the problem looked to be resolved.

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