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Even More Progress

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Our very special 1905 Riley 9HP continues to make fantastic progress. Lydia has been finishing the buttoned back for the Riley seat. This was particularly challenging, as the original seat was made from a soft oiled cloth, but she was now using leather, which is much thicker and a lot harder to manipulate.

The flat centre part wasn’t too difficult, but she had to put a lot of thought into getting the pleats in when it came to the curved corners. Once the body of the car is back from paint, Lydia can fit the seat in properly and finish off the top!

Various parts of our Riley 9HP have been in the paint shop with Mauro while Lydia moved on to the running boards.  She made the rubber inserts for the running boards and made sure to cut the hatch out carefully to allow for the cranking handle to be easily accessible.

After this, the car was ready to be moved on to the next stage of its restoration.

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