Engine And Interior Progress

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

More interior work has been completed by Brian on our 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark I. He first cut out new leather for the rear seat base pad before he glued the foam and leather onto the rear base seat panel. Brian went on to turn the leather around the edges of the panel.

He riveted the back pads to the frame and then glued the back pad covers to the frame and fitted it into the car.

Brian then turned his attention to the rear seat squab section where he fitted the latch mechanism to the squab panel. He removed the covers from the squab side wood sections and then re-covered these with new leather.

The original top cover was clamped so holes could be drilled for the metal bracket. The metal bracket was then glued to the new leather.

Side trim panels were also made.

Brian went on to fit a hinge to the bottom edge of the rear seat squab section and then went on to fit the chrome latch handles. Metal channels for rubber inserts were fitted before the rubber inserts were added.

While Brian was working on the interior of our Aston Martin DB2/4, the engine rebuild was progressing. Once the last liner was machined, the engine was ready for final assembly.

The crankshaft has been placed in the block and the fit is how it should be. The pistons and liners have been prepped and the head has now been finished.

Progress continues to be made on our rare Aston Martin and we look forward to the car being put back together and being one step closer to being able to leave the workshop and return to its owner.

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