East Anglian Copdock Bike Show

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Yesterday, 3rd September, the East Anglian Copdock Bike Show was held at Trinity Park in Ipswich.

The show’s history dates back to 1992 when a small group of classic motorcyclists wanted to explore the idea of displaying their personal collections of bikes. The idea was to allow people of all ages to get up close and personal with the machines they were so passionate about.

Since that first idea, the East Anglian Copdock Bike Show has grown into one of the most popular motorcycle shows in the area. It is a family-friendly event and has something for everyone whether you have an interest in motorbikes or not.

The show is all about raising money for local charities and, so far, more than half a million pounds has been raised.

This year’s show looked to be a great success and we hope to be able to make it there ourselves next year.

In the meantime, the Bridge Classic Cars Bike Meet is making its debut this month so, if you want a fix of motorbikes while waiting for the Copdock Show to return in 2024, all the information you need is here.

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