DB2/4 Paint Stripped

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

We’ve pulled in the helpful hands of Kath and Lydia to tackle the paint stripping on our Aston martin DB2/4 Mark I. Normally found in the trim shop, Kath and Lydia have been showing off their ability to jump between disciplines. Using a rough pads, Lydia and Kath have been scraping off all the paint.

They started by masking up all the open places on the car where chemicals could potentially drip through. They then used blades to scratch the surface to help the nitromors paint stripper work in better. The next step was to apply paint stripper onto the roof of the car which was then covered with plastic while it worked itself into the paint. They did the same on the sides and then scraped the paint off. Once the team got down to the red oxide, they could use thinners to scrub the rest of the paint off the car.

Now that its done, the car is sat in its original bare metal and its ready for the next stage.

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