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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Jonn has continued his work on our 1989 Daimler Double Six. His notes are below:

Continue to replace spark plugs. Remove throttle tower and cruise control diaphragm to gain access to fit new plugs. Refit all components removed. Charge battery. Put 10lts fuel in and run up. Better now, running on all 12 cylinders. But AAV temperamental and can make idle speed drop and hunt. Recalled tie injector multi plugs. Top up coolant. Fit breather pipe to distributor cap.

Unblock washer jet and set aim. Disconnect Aux air valve pipe and blank off. Run and idle perfect. Reconnect have pipe and now idling fine but have may require replacing in future.

Continue light repairs. Fit new fuse for front sidelights and test. Investigate main beam not working offside replace blown bulb and test. Still not working. Check fuse and clean connections but still not working. Check power and earth supplies and found no earth. Rewire earth connector with new terminals and test, ok now. Investigate indicator issues. Remove offside front indicator and for d no earth also to bulbbholder.strip and resolver earth connector and refit and test, ok. Use contact spray on rear electric window switches and test, all ok. Start to remove spark plugs.

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