Checking Over – Taking a look at our 1957 Triumph TR3 before it heads home

Picture of By Nick Skinner
By Nick Skinner


Our stunning 1957 Triumph TR3, which belongs to our friend Karl, has made its way out of hibernation at our secure storage facility recently and back to our Pettistree workshop for the team to take check it over and get it running properly before it heads back out on the road for the summer.

Our technician Julian checked over every inch of the underside of the classic sports car and inspected each individual line for any corrosion or defect as well as inspecting the brakes thoroughly. When it came out of The Hangar, it was noted as to not be running as it should. So, Julian stripped down the carburetors to clean them out thorough as well as adding fresh fuel before setting up the car to run like a champ.

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