Mr Stone – Paignton

“Your competitions are very transparent, all info upfront, well organised. Plus like your website to follow the in depth restorations on the various cars you have. Have done Trustpilot few months ago for you, as you are probably one of the best of this type of competitions on Facebook”

Mr Harcus – Aberdeenshire

“I am a winner !!! When I looked at first I was a bit sceptical about the competition, but after looking on the website I thought why not give it a go!!! £17.50 would hardly wet your lips in the pub. Could not believe it when I got the e-mail to say I had won!!! Told my wife, she watched the draw Car was delivered the next week to Aberdeenshire by two very professional guys. Over the moon with it”

Mr Macdonald – London

“You should make a TV program along the lines of Wheeler Dealers or car SOS but with competition cars… I’d watch it!”

Mr Setter – Plymouth

“Bridge classic Cars are doing a fantastic job by brightening up our lives with the chance of winning something amazing. I buy tickets for your competitions now rather than wasting money on the lottery as the odds are far better. Keep up the good work guys and roll on tomorrow at 7pm. “

Mr Bone – Norfolk

“They’re good folk, a friend had his MGA restored there this year. The race E-Type and Jensens are splendid!”

Mr Rendon – Sudbury, Suffolk

“Congrats on the business, competitions and all your social media pages, just great to see those classic being brought back to life! Awesome! Keep up the good work!”

Mr Casco – London

Mr Casco, winner of our Lotus Esprit Competition “Hello guys, just thought I would send you a few pics of the car, it’s still super weird to go downstairs and see it there! Thank you.“

Mr Oswald – Lowestoft, Suffolk

“I just wanted to write and let you know that the little car does indeed now run and drive very well. I took it out for a little ride out yesterday and am pleased to say it performed very well. I have to say that I have been impressed with your professional and speedy response with regard to rectifying the issues the car had. I have now let people know about my lucky win and have been pleased to be able to let a few sceptical types know that the competitions are indeed genuine and the cars are very real.”

Mr Callow – Worcestershire

“Thank you Bridge Classics, cannot fault how you ran the competition transparently. Congratulations to the winner ??when I win the Premium Bonds I’ll come to you for my E-Type”

Mr Klompstra – Netherlands

“The TVR has been well received in the Netherlands and Russell’s Transport has done a good job. We have already started the weekend with some dis-assembly work and making a plan and a schedule. We are going to thoroughly restore the entire car and make it ready for racing again. Thanks again for selling this piece of TVR history.”

Mr Dodman – Rendlesham

“Can’t thank you enough, from start to finish,  my experience at Bridge Classic Cars has been outstanding. Please thank Darren for the amazing job he did on my Spitfire. I’m sure I’ll be back to you in the future for further projects. Thanks again”

Mr Norman – Managing Director, Vauxhall

“For my fifth classic car experience and after having sworn never to do another and an interval of fifteen years [two of the five were verging on the fraudulent in quality terms], I turned to Gordon and Craig Ranson of Bridge Classic Cars near Ipswich. In thirteen months the nut and bolt rebuild of my choice of the very rare and unsought after 1975 rubber bumper MGB in Tundra Green not only surpasses my expectations but is so convincing that I have started a second concours project with them!” Stephen Norman – Managing Director, Vauxhall

Mr Wilson – Colchester, Essex

“Just wanted to say how much smoother my Pantera feels after the work you have done on it. There used to be a bit of a mid-range dip in power but that has now disappeared. It obviously pulls much better than before and has less vibrations, so over all very pleased.”

Mrs Kulyski – Toronto, Canada

“I write to thank you for allowing me to see the wonderful skilful work that is done in your plant. I am so impressed with what is achieved by the great work to these beautiful cars back to life. On checking your website I see you have a new build going on so hearty congratulations on that. It looks great. I wish to further congratulate you and the men who work with you for their passion for the work that is so very evident. It is such a privilege and treat to have been allowed a visit to your premises. I will never forget your kindness in allowing this.”

Mr Belford

“Hi, I’m the former owner of the Jensen 541 S (prototype) that you have been restoring. I’ve been following the progress of its rebirth online over the past months and now it is complete it looks stunning, well done to all those skills for returning her to her former glory.”

Mr White – Ipswich, Suffolk

“Dear SVEC members. I wish to compliment the services I have received from Bridge Classic Cars Restorers. I arranged to meet Gordon (Owner) at the Bridge Classic and Sports Car Show at Pettistree on the 26th August 2018. (As was advertised on a flyer in a summer newsletter) The upholstery on my 30 year old BMW 635CSi was in need of repair. The leather on the driver’s seat had perished and both front seats were in need of refurbishing and various pieces of trim within the cabin needed refitting. I arrived at the show and parked in the Classic Car area and walked toward the showroom to find on-route, a replica of Dave Pearce’s 320 Superstock! That made me smile! I then walked to the showroom and was immediately impressed by not only the quality of the prestigious cars being restored, (XK, E Type Jag’s, Aston Martin’s…) but the immaculate state of both the showroom and workshops. The floors are spotless! And they did a good job! The replacement biscuit coloured leather in my Beema has matched well with the original colour, it all fits well and although one of my requests to refit the upholstery to the driver’s door had been overlooked, my car was re-collected, the work was undertaken, returned to me and at no further cost. Honest business men! I would also like to compliment Gordon’s son Craig who markets the company and has introduced updates on work being undertaken to your car online. Modern technology put to good use! David White”

Mr Paget – Chichester, West Sussex

“Top guys. Lovely workshop and some very worthy projects and a team with superb restoration skills. I was absolutely spoilt with time and effort from the team. Thanks to all!”

Mrs King – Ipswich, Suffolk

“The car looks and sounds stunning, we got there in the end! I am thrilled with it, thank you so much and thank the guys too…I love them all. I love glitter too!”

Mr Jankowski – Cornwall

“Just a note to let you know the car has arrived safely in Cornwall and thank you for sorting out my mothers car. My mother would be delighted with what you have done, it was her pride and joy. “It’s for me and my handbag” was her claim, but her grandchildren loved to ride in it, squashing into the back.”

Mr Woods – Chelmsford, Essex

“Been using this garage for many years now and would never consider trying anywhere else. First class service every time and very reasonably priced, nothing is ever too much for these guys, and they will do all they can to help, you would be crazy NOT to use them.”

Mrs Adams – Ipswich, Suffolk

“Absolutely brilliant service received. Took the time to come back over to the car afterwards to show us what was wrong as well as telling us. Will definitely be back for any work need doing for MOT “

Mrs Smith – Long Melford, Suffolk

“Pete came to my rescue today. He came out really quickly and within no time knew exactly what was wrong with my car. He fixed the issue quickly and I had my car back the same day. Couldn’t recommended enough.”