1984 BMW 635CSi

Final Check-Up – Pre MOT Inspection of the 1984 BMW 635CSi

Bridge Classic Cars have it’s latest Bridge Classic Cars Competitions car in the workshop before its draw tomorrow night.

The car is being checked over by our in-house restoration team as part of its delivery and MOT inspection. Our technicians are checking each system is functioning as it should and also that the crucial safety components needed for the MOT are being inspected and addressed if needs be.

There are still tickets available for this stunning 1980s icon! Just head over to Bridge Classic Cars Competitions by clicking the link below.


Behind the Scenes – Shooting the 1984 BMW 635CSi

The rain had torn down throughout the night before. By the morning, the autumn air was fresh and moving as we pulled the 1984 BMW 635CSi out of the hanger at RAF Bentwaters.

This iconic 1980s example of a German grand tourer is stunning. It drives like a dream with its automatic gearbox and light handling. Charlotte began the drive around the filming area of the airbase to let the car slowly come up to temperature, once everything was just right. We began to work on the film that you can see right here!

The E24 6 series is a legendary sportscar. It was the pinacle of luxury and performance for the Bavarian brand when first launched and all the way during its decade long production run.

As part of our photoshoots, there are a series of static photos on the base. Even stood still, the car looked like it was doing 100MPH such is the timeless styling of the E24.

You could win this very car though! Bridge Classic Cars Competitions is going to make one lucky winner the new owner of this 1984 BMW E24 635CSi by clicking the link below.

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Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1966 Sunbeam Alpine, 1983 Ford Capri and TAG Heuer Watch

Last Thursday, Bridge Classic Cars held its biggest ever prize draw! Also, we gave those watching along a sneak peek at our next competition car…

Going live at our Hanger in Bentwaters, the watchers on our Facebook page were greeted with the 1966 Sunbeam Alpine and the 1983 Ford Capri 1.6 which within the next half an hour would find their latest owners. During the live stream, we also gave a bit of a tour around the hanger. Showing the viewers the different projects and cars in for storage with ourselves while also having a walk around some of the upcoming competition cars like the 1971 Morris Traveller and the 2021 Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition.

Then it was time to let everyone watching in on a little secret… The next competition car from Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. A 1984 BMW 635CSi which has been in our workshops getting prepared for its launch on the competition website.

The nights draw began with the draw of several players winning £20 Bridge Classic Cars Credit to use on the competition’s website and the lucky winner of our Tag Heuer Gulf Watch Paul Watkins with his winning ticket number 1420.

Then it was time to find out who the newest owners of our two stunning cars were. First on the draw was the 1966 Sunbeam Alpine which was won by John Kirby with the winning numbers of 3764 on his ticket.

Next, it was time to find out who now owned the stunning, iconic and legendary Ford Capri. As Charlotte span the random number generator, the numbers flashed by to reveal 3775 as the winning ticket. That happened to be owned by John Macintosh. Who when we called, was blown away that he was now the proud new owner of a very nice classic Ford Capri.

Could you be our next winner and join the growing list of people who have won their dream classic car? Head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website by clicking the link below.

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It’s Got To Be Right – Bodywork and Paint on the 1984 BMW 635CSi

The Bridge Classic Cars paint and body specialists need to know they’ve done a job absolutely right. So, once the 1984 BMW 635CSi came in to be assessed it was clear its first stop was going to be with Chris.

Chris carefully stripped back the paint in very specific sections to expose a series of questionable body repairs as well as addressing some very light rust bubbles beneath the rear lights. Behind the rear lights, a lot of damage had been done by the rust. So, a new section of the light cluster housing had to be made and out into the bodywork of this 1980s icon.

After the rust repair section was in, Chris turned his attention to the areas that stood out to him. Mainly where large amounts of body filler had been packed in previous damage. Painstakingly and slowly, Chris removed the filler in order to work the panels back into shape with only the most minimal amount of filler to be used.

Then it was time to tape and mask up the car in the booth. The results are incredible. But, you’ll have to wait for the next update to get a look at the makeover on the 1984 BMW 635CSi at Bridge Classic Cars.

This Just In – 1984 BMW 635CSi

An icon of 1980s style and presence. The legendary BMW 635CSi.

This particular example is a 1984 car. the E24 635CSi was (and still is) one of the most desirable classic cars for all ages.

This car is in with us at Bridge Classic Cars to have some paintwork and bodywork issues assessed by our in-house restoration teams and come up with a plan to get this wonderful long-legged luxury coupe back to its former glory.

But after all that has been completed. What’s going to happen with this stunning car?

Keep an eye out on our News Page for more updates on this legendary car.