1960 BSA Sunbeam

1960 BSA Sunbeam – Ready For Auction

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The entry of the BSA group into the scooter field was announced by Edward Turner in October 1958. The 250cc model would have a cruising speed of 55 to 60 mph.

This superb little scooter has been totally restored and is ready to show or rally. The BSA Sunbeam is a very rare scooter and was also sold as the Triumph Tigress. It was a scooter designed to have good performance and handling for the motorcycle enthusiast.

The scooter comes with large restoration history file, with pictures and copies of all upgrades that have been carried out. These scooters ride very well and are much more reliable than the fragile Italian 2-strokes. Ride a different type of scooter, ride a BSA!

Our 1960 BSA Sunbeam will be featured in this year’s Annual Christmas Classic auction, hosted by Barons Auctioneers at Sandown Park. Tuesday 12th Dec 2017 starting at 1:00pm[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”16584,16585,16586,16587,16588,16589,16590,16591″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Cleaning out the air filter

The running issues were due to a blocked air filter on our 1960 BSA Sunbeam scooter. John has now removed the filter, stripped and unblocked.

She now runs perfectly and starts first time, every time.

Time to put her back together ready for next week’s Annual Christmas Classic auction, hosted by Barons auctioneers, being held at Sandown Racecourse.

Running issues on our BSA Sunbeam

Our BSA Sunbeam arrived into our workshops with slight running issue. When running she ran beautifully but it took a spray of easy start to get her going. That’s not ideal when you want to go out for the afternoon!

So John is getting to work on diagnosing the issues and getting them resolved ready for next week’s auction.

Late Arrival to Bridge Classic Cars tonight

Three late arrivals to the workshops this evening as Karr Solutions completed the long journey down from Scotland.

Tackling the wind, rain and snow Ronnie arrived at 6pm to deliver our 1967 Austin A35 van (JOG183E), our 1957 Morris 1000 van (PVA 591) and our 1960 BSA scooter.

We love a bit of history with our cars and as our 1957 Morris is sign written up for A J Sutherland of Portsoy it seemed only right to search the web to see what we could find.

And it’s great to see Sutherlands of Portsoy still going strong to this day, ‘supplying the finest fish for over five generations.’

And in amongst the amazing images on the Sutherlands Of Portsoy Heritage Gallery we’ve discovered two pictures of our Morris. Having spoken to Elaine and Maurice at Gourmets Choice (Sutherlands Of Portsoy) they’ve have explained the story behind our Morris.

An image was discovered in the archives of grandfather Sutherland sitting in one of the original A J Sutherland vans.

As part of a recent re-marketing and re-branding campaign, the Sutherland family decided to replicate the original image using a classic vehicle with Maurice sitting in the driving seat.

Due to the quality of the original image, they were unable to use this in their campaign but a family friend owned a classic Morris that he kindly donated for the shoot for them to match the branding.

Elaine has kindly sent us the original image to which this campaign was all based around. We believe the vehicle to be a Vauxhall.


Coming In Soon: 1967 Austin A35 Van, 1957 Morris 1000 Van, 1960 BSA Scooter

Due in soon are three new additions to the Bridge Classic Cars family. Currently residing in the north of Scotland, all in the one private garage we have a 1967 Austin A35, 1957 Morris 1000 Van, 1960 BSA. We originally visited to view the 1960 BSA scooter but no way could we resist these cracking little vans.

First up we have a 1967 Austin A35 Van – it looks to be originally used as the works vehicle for Ian Stephens of Walsall, Painters and Decorators.

Next up we have a Sutherlands of Portsoy sign written van. Our beautiful 1957 Morris 1000 van comes with the signage still visible and having carried out a little research (Googled the name!) we can confirm that Sutherland’s still runs very successfully to this day. Sutherlands of Portsoy is based in the small fishing village of Portsoy in the North- East of Scotland, they produce the finest Smoked Salmon for discerning customers around the world. The story of the van and it’s origins can be found here:

And finally, the reason for our initial visit; our very rare 1960 BSA scooter with matching brand new helmet!