Late Arrival to Bridge Classic Cars tonight

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Three late arrivals to the workshops this evening as Karr Solutions completed the long journey down from Scotland.

Tackling the wind, rain and snow Ronnie arrived at 6pm to deliver our 1967 Austin A35 van (JOG183E), our 1957 Morris 1000 van (PVA 591) and our 1960 BSA scooter.

We love a bit of history with our cars and as our 1957 Morris is sign written up for A J Sutherland of Portsoy it seemed only right to search the web to see what we could find.

And it’s great to see Sutherlands of Portsoy still going strong to this day, ‘supplying the finest fish for over five generations.’

And in amongst the amazing images on the Sutherlands Of Portsoy Heritage Gallery we’ve discovered two pictures of our Morris. Having spoken to Elaine and Maurice at Gourmets Choice (Sutherlands Of Portsoy) they’ve have explained the story behind our Morris.

An image was discovered in the archives of grandfather Sutherland sitting in one of the original A J Sutherland vans.

As part of a recent re-marketing and re-branding campaign, the Sutherland family decided to replicate the original image using a classic vehicle with Maurice sitting in the driving seat.

Due to the quality of the original image, they were unable to use this in their campaign but a family friend owned a classic Morris that he kindly donated for the shoot for them to match the branding.

Elaine has kindly sent us the original image to which this campaign was all based around. We believe the vehicle to be a Vauxhall.


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