1996 Mercedes 320SL

New Arrival At HQ

This weekend we welcomed a stunning red 1996 Mercedes 320SL into the workshop. This lovely modern classic is set to be one of our next

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Mercedes Winner Delighted With New Car

Another delivery to one of our competition winners! A big congratulations to Steven Lambe with lucky ticket number 950. We delivered our 1996 Mercedes 320SL up to his home north of Newcastle yesterday after Craig and Gordon took the long road trip up north.

Steven, a Mercedes enthusiast, only spent only £18 with us, meaning he bought just two tickets and managed to win with one of them! Although he used to race hot-rods Steven recently sold his last one to fund his current modern Mercedes. Steven is also part of the Mercedes owners club and now has two stunning Mercedes Motors he can take along to meets and greets!

We can’t wait to see what Steven gets up to with his new modern classic!

Here’s a snap of a true northern sight from the cabin on the way up north.

Mercedes and Rolls Royce Live Draw: Behind The Scenes

Another live draw and two more winners! Last night we announced two more winners to add to our growing collective of lucky classic car winners! Our 1996 Mercedes 320SL and 1992 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit II found their new owners during our live draw that we hosted at our HQ in Pettistree.

Charlotte and Craig took us around the workshops to show off our current restoration projects and upcoming vehicles. With lots of exciting cars soon to be released, the live draw was jam-packed with exclusive news.

A big congratulations to Russ Warman who won our classic Rolls Royce with his lucky ticket number 499 and Steven Lambe who won the characterful Mercedes with his ticket number 950!

Charlotte also helped us move the cars around before the draw and had a go in our MGB GT LE, which she agreed is a pleasant drive! Keep an eye out for the release of our MGB, which is set to be our next competition car.

Behind The Scenes: Mercedes 320SL Photoshoot

You may remember our blog about the Mercedes when it came in where we told you that this award winning motor is set to be our next competition car. Well, now it’s live on the website and up for grabs!

Last week our marketing team and Charlotte set out to photograph this stunning modern classic, and its hard to not get a good shot with the bright red paintwork!

You can grab your tickets for this shiny red motor here:


Mercedes 320SL Door Fix

Chris has been working to fit a new door strap into our lovely 1996 320SL Mercedes as the old one was broken, which you can see below. The door check strap mechanism limits how far the door can open and close and stops it from swinging too violently and damaging the body.

We ordered a new one to fit in. You can see the two in comparison here, with the one on the left showing the broken components.

Chris then fit the new door check strap back into the door and fixed the panel back on. Although you could technically go without this element in your own car, you risk damaging the bodywork of your own or others if you do not get a new one replaced. If you’re struggling with your doors swinging, get in touch!

New Arrival At HQ

This weekend we welcomed a stunning red 1996 Mercedes 320SL into the workshop. This lovely modern classic is set to be one of our next competition cars. Kitted out with AMG wheels, beautifully kept interior and the option of 3 different roof settings; hard top, soft top and convertible, this Mercedes is a stunning example of an everyday classic.

In the 1996 models, the V-8 received individual ignition coils for each cylinder, a reimagined crankshaft, a new modified engine-management system and lighter pistons. This model also has a five-speed automatic gearbox which has replaced the previous four-speed. 

Not only is this Mercedes in pristine condition, but it is also award-winning. In 2019 it won a trophy at the Mercedes-Benz Car Club.

Here you can see Craig driving the Mercedes out of Hall Farm in Dedham. This modern classic is a smooth and understated drive.