1991 Mercedes Benz SL300

Winner – 1991 Mercedes 300SL

The only thing that could be more exciting than finding out you’ve won a 1991 Mercedes 300SL through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, is when it gets delivered to you and you get to meet your new car face-to-face.

That’s exactly what happened when we delivered Neil Beedie’s new car to him.

Neil won the 300SL in our September 15th draw with ticket number 3141.

We hope Neil enjoys covering many miles in his new classic car.

Behind the Scenes – Shooting the 1991 Mercedes Benz SL300

The latest Bridge Classic Cars Competitions prize is, our 1991 Mercedes Benz SL300.

The classic Mercedes GT car has previously been through our workshop to be fully inspected by the workshop team in order to be ok’d for filming.

The classic Mercedes has also had its optional hardtop retrimmed by the team at the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ.

The team set off from our storage facility, The Hangar, with the stunning 6-cylinder pulling away smoothly through its long-legged automatic gearbox. The perfect companion for the bright, brilliant sunshine that washed over the Suffolk countryside.

The beautiful silver paintwork danced the light across its meaningful angular shape, complimented by its dark red interior.

Lap after lap, the classic Mercedes worked faultlessly in comfort, style and grace as you expect with all 1990s Mercedes. In every situation, this beautiful example is always the right choice.

And now you, could win this very car with Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. Head over to the website now and get your tickets!

Piece by Piece – Repairing the Hardtop on the 1991 Mercedes 300SL

The hardtop from the 1991 Mercedes 300SL has been moved into the Bridge Classic Cars trim shop to be repaired.

The removable hardtop had begun to come apart at the edges in several places so the team have worked their magic on rejuvenating the roof.

First off, the entire piece was stripped back in order to remove any old adhesives and allow for the team to create a better fit. The better fitting of parts also meant the team removed the pillar trims to pull the pieces tighter into the trims.

Wit that the trim team could then work on the headliner by removing the original material and then sanding back the misshapen foams. After that, the team have then replaced the headliner material before putting the entire assembly back together and put the hardtop on its holder ready to go back on the car.

First Up – Repairing the Hardtop of the 1991 Mercedes Benz SL300

The removable hardtop on the 1991 Mercedes Benz SL300 has been taken off of the car and brought upstairs for the Bridge Classic Cars trim team to work their magic on.

The headliner has separated from the edges of the roof. So, Brian and Lydia will go through the whole piece and assess if it can be repaired or will need to be replaced.

This Just In – 1991 Mercedes Benz SL300

Just arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Suffolk HQ is this stunning 1991 Mercedes Benz SL300 R129.

The classic convertible Mercedes will be inspected by our restoration teams to check over the car and compile their condition report to see if anything needs doing to get this beautiful silver sports car in the best shape possible.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic News page for more on the 1991 Mercedes Benz SL300 very soon.