1985 Mercedes 280SL

1985 Mercedes Benz 280SL Wheel refurb

This lovely 1985 Mercedes Benz 280SL has been treated to a wheel refurb here at Bridge Classic Cars. After bringing the wheels up to such a high standards, we will now replace the wheel bolts to shine just as bright.

1985 Mercedes Benz 280SL Revisits Us

Coming back to us at Bridge Classic Cars is this wonderful Mercedes 280 SL. It’s owner would like the car in tip top shape for his return to the UK for Christmas. As such, the vehicle is having a thorough service and the wheels will be refurbished.

Ready to go home for Christmas

Our objective was to have the car up and running in time for the Christmas break. The current owner resides in Switzerland and is planning on spending the Christmas period here in the UK.

This is their chosen car for the Christmas break and I must say, what an amazing choice!

Our 1985 Mercedes 280 SL is now re-commissioned and ready to head home. We expect to see her return in the new year to start the restoration but for now, the car is mechanically sound and some minor alterations have been done to freshen up the look of the exterior.


Underseal and fitting up the new exhaust

The underside of our 1985 Mercedes 280SL has now been successfully stripped down, cleaned up and under sealed.

Just in time for the new exhaust system to be fitted.

And thank you to William for spotting the exhaust rubbers pulling the rear pipes slightly to the left. A new set of rubbers and now the exhaust is sitting in position correctly.

Our 1985 Mercedes 280SL has arrived

Purchased from world renowned London dealers Chelsea Cars a number of years ago, we welcome to our workshops our 1985 Mercedes SL280. She has been dry stored for some time but the current owners are now looking to get her out and about more frequently.

The plan is to split their time between Suffolk and Switzerland with the car enjoying this time also.

From first impression, the car is in a very solid state and unlike a lot of the SL’s is not suffering too much for years of corrosion.



Collecting our 1985 Mercedes SL280

This afternoon we collected our 1985 Mercedes 280SL ready for the re-commissioning project to commence.

We can already see just how beautifully original our SL is so a full restoration is certainly not required on this one.

When we arrive back at the workshops we’ll be able to see just how far we need to take this car to get her back on the road looking lovely.

Coming Soon: 1985 Mercedes SL280 107

Currently stored up somewhere in Suffolk, we’ll soon be welcoming our early 1985 Mercedes SL280 into the Bridge Classic Cars workshops.

She’ll be in with us for a general re-commission but with a plan to assess what work will or could be done to start restoring her to her former glory.

Belonging to the same family for many years with the intention of handing down through the generations. We love a restoration story like this.

Due in mid September…we shouldn’t have favourites but as this is one of Craig’s favourite classics (see his 500SL) he is especially looking forward to the arrival.