1974 Triumph TR6

Out With the Old – Replacing the Wiring Harness on the 1974 Triumph TR6

John has been hard at work on the 1974 Triumph TR6 that is in with us at Bridge Classic Cars for a wiring issue. A rat or a mouse has managed to chew its way through part of the wiring loom.

Consequently, when the owner went to start the car is actually melted some of the wiring! Because of the extent of the damage to the wiring loom. John felt it best to replace the harness as a precaution due to the extensive damage.

John carefully began to remove the old harness for the car, working his way through the separate systems to ensure all the components could also be inspected.

The new loom was then put in place step by step, whilst also running through each part to make sure it functioned correctly now that power could be applied to the harness. Wit the harness now in, its time to test the car completely.

Best Port of Call – Results of the Wiring Checks on the 1974 Triumph TR6

This 1974 Triumph was in with us to have a look into a wiring issue caused by a mouse while being stored in a customer’s Carcoon.

Well, after careful inspection and checks by our Workshop Manager and electrical specialist John, he found that nearly half the wiring loom behind the dashboard was affected. Because of this, it is best practice to replace the entire loom. Both for the sake of time to the customer and for peace of mind when it comes to the electrical system of the car.

The loom is now on order from a specialist in TR6 wiring looms and will be fitted and tested once it arrives with us here at Bridge Classic Cars.

More Than a Mouthful – Wiring Issue on a 1974 Triumph TR6

This beautiful 1974 Triumph TR6 arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop this morning for John to begin looking into an issue with the wiring. The issue is that a mouse has managed to eat through part of the loom causing the car to have some issues.

The customer has told us that it was being stored in its Carcoon when he went to go and start the car but nothing would work.

So, our workshop manager and wiring guru John is having a look into the issue. Because of the damage done to one of the cables, as soon as the car was powered on, it melted several wires. Now, John must try and get access to the back of the dashboard to follow the trail…