1972 Chevron B20

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Saying Goodbye (Again) – 1972 Chevron B20

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we first said goodbye to our 1972 Chevron B20. There was a mix of emotions felt when it left as this is a special classic car that we don’t usually see in the workshop. That being said, we were excited to see it move on to the next stage of its adventure.

When it returned to us last month, we were happy to have it back in the workshop and our team of classic car technicians were very keen to get their hands on this incredible car one more time.

Although its time with us was short, our 1972 Chevron B20 was stripped and underwent checks for asbestos here at Bridge Classic Cars before being given the all-clear to continue with the plans to move it to Victoria, Australia.

The F2 race car was collected from our secure storage facility, The Hangar, and set off for the next stage of its epic journey to the other side of the world.

Even when being loaded into the back of a transport lorry, it’s hard not to stare at a car like this. It looks extremely cool whether it’s sat on the tarmac, in our workshop, or in the back of a lorry.

Our 1972 Chevron B20 is moving on to the next chapter of its story in Australia. We hope that, eventually, it will end up back on a race track but, whatever happens, we hope its owner enjoys having such a special car in their collection.

We have said goodbye to this car twice now and, although this seems like it could be the last time, we hope that we see it again in some form in the future as we really do like having our 1972 Chevron B20 with us.

For now though, we will admire it from afar!

Asbestos In Classic Cars

Asbestos used to be used for a wide range of functions. However, in more recent times, the detrimental impact it can have on people’s health has given it a bad reputation. As the majority of the cars that come into our workshop are classics, sometimes we come across some that may contain asbestos.

One such car that we currently have in the workshop is our 1972 Chevron B20. After leaving us last year, our 1972 Chevron B20 recently returned to us much to everyone’s excitement.

The reason for it returning to us is for it to be prepared for export. This F2 racing car is moving on to Australia in the near future. Australia has extremely strict laws surrounding asbestos. When it comes to importing vehicles into the country, any vehicle entering Australia must be completely free from the controversial material.

Checking For Asbestos In Classic Cars

Asbestos could potentially be found in a few areas of a classic car. Classic car technician Rob has been working alongside Richard from Positive Waste Solutions. Together, they stripped our Chevron B20 and made sure it was free from asbestos and ready for its trip to Australia.

Rob began the process by stripping the head while a poly drop sheet was placed underneath the engine to catch any falling debris. After Rob removed the head gasket, he carefully passed it to Richard who bagged it securely. The same process was followed for the brakes and clutch.

Richard also removed the insulation from the back exhaust.

Safety First

As asbestos can cause some dangerous health consequences, it’s extremely important that the appropriate precautions are taken during the removal process.

The photos below show Richard in his protective gear as he handles parts of our Chevron B20 that may have asbestos in them.

Once our 1972 Chevron B20 is given the all-clear, it will be ready for its long journey to Australia. We have loved having it back in the workshop and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this rare classic car.

A Special Car Returns

A little over a year ago, we said goodbye to our 1972 Chevron B20. Everyone here at Bridge Classic Cars loved this formula 2 car and, although we were happy it was going to a new owner, there was still quite a bit of sadness to see this very special car leave us.

However, today we are all very happy to see it back in our workshop!

Yesterday, we collected the car and transported it back to the workshop here in Suffolk. We were excited just seeing the B20 on our trailer making its journey to us, so you can imagine how excited we have been to actually have it back with us in person.

It has come back to us to be prepared for export as its adventure is set to continue overseas. Our classic car technicians will soon get to work on this very special car and we will certainly enjoy looking after it until the time comes for it to move on once more.

Hush Hush – 2022 Williams FW44 at The Hush House

Williams F1 has just released their lastest 2022 season livery. Along with it looking absolutely brilliant, does the background look familiar? Well, this was shot in the hush house.

The old engine testing complex on the same site as our secure storage facility, The Hangar.

We shot our very own racing car in the same spot! The 1972 Chevron B20 Formula 2 racer last year for Collecting Cars.

Click the link below to watch our video for the Chevron B20 in the same place as the FW44.


Chevron B20 – a new adventure

The day has come where we wave goodbye to our incredible Chevron B20-72-2.

The car is now on it’s way to it’s new owner who has already made the necessary plans to have her restored and prepared for the track.

The new owner is very well known in the motoring scene and this will be added to a collection of race cars that he already owns.

We hope to see the progress and results in due course. For now, it’s been fun…

Chevron B20 Auction Begins Tomorrow

Our incredible 1972 Chevron B20 Formula 2 race car is up for auction on Car and Classic and will be going live tomorrow! We are eager to see this very special car find its new home. Packed full of amazing history, our Chevron will be a wonderful addition to any race lovers collection.

You can see our two previous shoots below:

Photos provided by Car and Classic.