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1965 Morris Traveller 1000

Cleaning Classic Cars

Every week, Colin from Viper Auto Cleaning spends the day at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop making sure our vehicles look pristine for our customers

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This practical classic could be yours!

1965 Morris Traveller

It’s one of the most popular and practical classics out there! Beloved by generations of petrolheads and casual admirers at large, it is of course the Morris Traveller.

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions wants to put you in the drivers seat while you take the scenic route and enjoy what the world has to offer with our 1965 Morris Traveller.

With its beautiful pale blue paintwork and its signature exterior woodwork, our ‘Moggy’ Traveller is the perfect classic for the whole family.

It’s 1098cc 4-cylinder engine and 4-speed gearbox, our classic Morris Traveller combines simplicity with character and reliability.

With our stunning Morris Traveller, you’ll always be tempted to take the long way home and savour the scenic route.

Enter now to win 1965 Morris Traveller on the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website.

Check out the full gallery and video below:

2 responses to “This practical classic could be yours!”

  1. T Taylor avatar
    T Taylor

    Fabulous to see Harriet back on the road in pristine condition again.

  2. Mark avatar

    I presume your moggy traveller has already been converted to unleaded, but what about E10?

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Getting Our Traveller Ready For Competition

Classic car technician Jonn has been working on our 1965 Morris Traveller 1000, getting it ready to go live on Bridge Classic Cars Competitions very soon.

Jonn stripped the air intake pipe and fitted a new one in the cabin. He then cut off the old pipe and secured the new one with a jubilee clip at the heater.

A new regulator was wired up and the car was run up to temperature. It was charging at 14.2v which Jonn was happy with. He noticed that the temperature gauge was not working. Upon investigation, he found a blown fuse under the bonnet. This was replaced and tested and everything was working as it should.

The spare wheel was fitted back into the rear of the car and a road test was carried out.

Work Begins On Our Traveller

Classic car technicians Jonn and Brian have been working on our 1965 Morris Traveller 1000.

Jonn resecured the offside rear door bracket after it was found to be loose, he then went on to bond the fuel cap surround onto the tank neck. Another job for Jonn was to tidy up and secure the wiring loom that he described as ‘spaghetti junction’. This now looks much better thanks to his handy work. The brake fluid level was checked and found to be okay.

Brian also gave our Morris Traveller some attention with his focus being the interior of the classic vehicle. New kick panels were fitted as were new rear quarter panels before Brian put the rear seat base back into the car.

New door panels, handles, and pull straps were fitted before Brian removed the rear seat so he could cut down the sides allowing the seats to fold back. The parcel shelf was removed and a new one was made before Brian fitted carpet clips to the front carpets.