1963 Morris LD

All Hooked Up – Replacing the Hydraulic Pipework and Speedo Cable on the 1963 Morris LD

The 1963 Morris LD which has been at Bridge Classic Cars for our workshop team to do carry out some mechanical reconditioning work, is having the final few jobs ticked off its list.

The team have been working underneath the classic Morris van to fit up all the new hydraulic lines to the wheel cylinders and installed the new clutch slave cylinder before hooking the metal pipework to that component to complete the circuit. The whole system was then bled and checked before the team could move on to another job.

Next, the team made new mounts for the wiper motors. These were installed in place with the switch hooked back up and tested.

Finally, before taking the classic van on a road test the team noticed the speedometer cable wasn’t working as it should. Upon inspection, the team noted an internal break in the cable itself. The original speedo cable was coiled up and on the customers request, not replaced.

With all of this work now complete, it was time for the wonderful Morris LD to head back home with its owner.

Reinstalled – Putting the Hydraulic System Back in the 1963 Morris LD

The hydraulic system of the 1963 Morris LD, which arrived back at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop recently, has been put back into the classic van.

Our restoration team have worked on putting the brand new master cylinders and from there, the team could begin getting everything else back into place. Next, the team have installed the new wheel cylinders along with new front shoes. With that, the brake system of the LD was complete with several new pipes also made for the system.

However, the team did discover during the installation that the clutch slave cylinder was in need of a rebuild. So, it has been removed and set off to be refurbished.

In Stock – New Parts for the 1963 Morris LD Arrive at Bridge Classic Cars

The replaced or refurbished parts for the hydraulic system on the 1963 Morris LD have arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop in Suffolk.

These pieces will soon be fitted to the classic Morris van as part of the work needed to get the Van back on the road and running. Before this, our technicians found many of the hydraulic components were heavily corroded and some had even split. This is what caused the brakes to bind on and the clutch to be inoperable.

Now with these components with the our workshop, they will be installed and the van can then be tested.

A Loss of Pressure – Inspecting and Diagnosing the 1963 Morris LD

The workshop technicians at Bridge Classic Cars have been getting to the bottom of the hydraulic issues with the 1963 Morris LD.

Our technician Dave has been inspecting the entire hydraulic system in the 1963 Morris LD Van in with us for a list of jobs. The owner has stated an issue with the brakes binding/getting hot along with the clutch being entirely inoperable.

During the inspection, Dave found a lot of the hydraulic system to be quite heavily corroded. The brakes and the clutch system on the LD share the same hydraulic system but in this car, several pipes from the reservoir and the master cylinder were so corroded they had begun to leak.

On further inspection, the technicians believe the clutch and brakes are ok but have been removed to be inspected and refurbished if needed. Along with that, all of the hardware associated with the front drums brakes (including the shoes) have been removed to be inspected and refurbished if needed.

This Just In – 1963 Morris LD

Bridge Classic Cars in Pettistree, Suffolk have welcomed this amazing 1963 Morris LD Van into our workshop recently.

The van, which is local to us, belongs to a heritage builder who wants an authentic vintage van to go along with his up and coming business. We have been asked to do a full inspection on the vehicle which has been noted as having brake drag and having an issue with the clutch.

Our in-house restoration teams will also check all the chassis and body for safety and all other components as well throughout the van including the lighting and wiring systems.

This is going to be a very exciting experience on such a unique and interesting project!

Make sure to check in on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates very soon on the 1963 Morris LD.