All Hooked Up – Replacing the Hydraulic Pipework and Speedo Cable on the 1963 Morris LD

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The 1963 Morris LD which has been at Bridge Classic Cars for our workshop team to do carry out some mechanical reconditioning work, is having the final few jobs ticked off its list.

The team have been working underneath the classic Morris van to fit up all the new hydraulic lines to the wheel cylinders and installed the new clutch slave cylinder before hooking the metal pipework to that component to complete the circuit. The whole system was then bled and checked before the team could move on to another job.

Next, the team made new mounts for the wiper motors. These were installed in place with the switch hooked back up and tested.

Finally, before taking the classic van on a road test the team noticed the speedometer cable wasn’t working as it should. Upon inspection, the team noted an internal break in the cable itself. The original speedo cable was coiled up and on the customers request, not replaced.

With all of this work now complete, it was time for the wonderful Morris LD to head back home with its owner.

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