1961 Matchless 350

Motorbike Inspections

Paul has begun his inspection and assessment of 2 of our recently arrived motorbikes – our 1960 BSA 650 and our 1961 Matchless 350.

On the Matchless 350, he cleaned out the carbs and fitted a new spark plug before taking it out on a test ride.

He then moved on to assess the BSA which he found to start and run ok.

Recommissioning our bike collection

We’ll start with our 1962 Norton, Paul has cleaned out the tank and carb. He has checked for a spark.

Our 1961 Matchless up next. We have checked for spark, cleaned out the fuel tap and free’d up the carb float needle. Paul has then attempted to start but the carb needs removing and jets cleaning.

Then he took on our 1955 Velocette Viper. He’s remove the tank and flushed out. Clean the carb and taps, started and ran up beautifully.

Special Delivery! A collection of vintage British motorcycles arrive at our Suffolk HQ

Here at Bridge Classic Cars, it isn’t just the four wheeled fun that we’re keen on. Here, we’re also massive motorcyle fans with the majority of our technicians and staff all avid bikers.

So, recently when a whole collection of classic and vintage British motorcycles arrived at our Suffolk HQ the whole team got very excited by it.

1960 BSA 650

1962 Norton 650SS

Royal Enfield Single:

1961 Matchless 350:

1955 Velocette 350: