1958 Triumph TR3

Do you like TR3s?

Just launched! Our competition to win this bright red 1958 Triumph TR3! If you follow this link here, it will take you straight to the

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Another purchase!

You may have read about our recent purchases from yesterday’s blog posts, and here’s another one! This 1958 Triumph TR3, which was in the workshop

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1958 Triumph TR3 – a wonderful life after Bridge

Earlier in the month I received a lovely email from Chris.

“I have just seen your blog posts regarding the red TR3A you gave away in 2021…. well, after you guys took her to the Silverstone auctions at the NEC, she ended up in Aberdeen, where the buyer never ended up using the car. Step in us, who purchased it last August in memory of my father who passed away earlier that year. It’s truly fantastic, and I have more pics of her recent adventures in the highlands.”

Chris bought the car in August 2023, he has spent his time so far renewing some cosmetic fittings.

“A new rear light lens and chrome, LED lighting, chrome lamp surrounds, a new windscreen, period registration plates, new battery and fittings, Ethanol proof rubber fuel lines, and even some new hub caps and enamelled badges for “Tilly’s” 65th birthday in December. A learning curve for sure!”

Thank you so much for sharing your story Chris and it’s wonderful to see the car being enjoyed. Keep sending through pictures of your adventures, we’d love to see them!

Triumph Cars featuring our Triumph TR3A

A familiar face was looking back at me this morning as I made my way through the recent updates on my Facebook feed. The Triumph Cars Facebook group posted an article about Triumph Ladies and it was lovely to see our Charlotte in front of the Triumph TR3A we gave away back in 2021.

Final Inspection – Preparing the Triumph TR3A for Birmingham NEC Auction

Our in-house restoration technician John has been hard at work getting the 1958 Triumph TR3A ready for its date across the auction block at this years Birmingham NEC Auction.

Upon inspection, it was found that the front main oil seal, sump gasket and the timing cover gaskets were weeping slightly and would need to be replaced. Methodically, John worked through each component carefully to gain access to the affected parts. The entire front valance and radiator needed to be removed due to their proximity to the crank pulley which needs to be removed.

Along with that, quite a bit of the car’s wiring needed to be disconnected in order to safely remove the front valance to gain access. This was also carefully logged and noted for the reinstallation of the components. John carefully catalogued and stored every fixing and bracket to ensure everything went back as it should.

With the front end of the car and the oil pan removed, John could now begin the task of assessing, cleaning and preparing the surfaces for their new gaskets and seals. A crucial process to ensure the best fit and seal for the new gaskets. With the new set of gaskets and seals in place, John refitted the covers and made sure the main oil seal was seated correctly and tight in the crank seal before beginning the process to get the whole car back together.

During that, John also rerouted some of the necessary cables and wires which had been worked on by a previous garage prior to us working on the car to ensure the safety and ease of maintenance were all correct as they should have been.

Once back together, the car was run up to temperature after refilling all the vital fluids such as coolant and oil to ensure that the engine was happy and the car would be in the best condition for its lucky new owner.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the VX220 and TR3A Winners.

There is always a winner with our live draws. On Thursday the 23rd of September that just happened to be Ian Spellman and Rob Richardson.

The team at Bridge Classic Cars arrived as the sun slowly began its drop towards the horizon to prep the location ready for the 7 PM start. The scene was set for a very lucky night for two unknowing people…

First drawn on the live stream was Ian with the winning ticket of 4851 which secured him the stunning 2003 Vauxhall VX220. In a strange quirk of fate, when Charlotte rang Ian to tell him the good news he was actually halfway through his tea! Not a bad start to a Thursday evening for Ian.

Next was the draw of the stunning 1958 Triumph TR3A. As the random number generator whizzed around, you could feel the excitement build. One of 4999 possibilities, each one ultimately changing someone’s automotive life. Lady luck decided that night to choose Rob Richardson to be the next custodian of this wonderful British Sportscar. As part of our draws, we do try to phone the lucky winner. Unfortunately, Rob didn’t answer the phone. But, when he does check his voicemail he is in for quite the surprise…

Also revealed during the live draw was more information about some of the upcoming competition cars. Namely the 1983 Ford Capri and the 1989 TVR S2 2.9 V6. The Capri is available to enter right now over Bridge Classic Cars Competitions (remember, someone, has to win these icons) so head over and enter now!

The TVR will be up very soon so keep an eye out on our Social Media pages on Facebook and on Instagram

To rewatch the Live Draw in case you missed it just click here!

Thursday Live Draw – Drawing the winners of our Triumph TR3 & Vauxhall VX220

There are only 2 more days to go on the draw for our two sensational competition cars.

First up is the chance to win this very unique and quickly becoming a modern classic, 2003 Vauxhall VX220. One of just 7 finished in beautiful British Racing Green in 2003. This car has a long and detailed history from purchase right up to today.

Secondly, we will be drawing the lucky winner of the glorious 1958 Triumph TR3A. This car is absolutely stunning inside and out. Recently serviced by ourselves fastidiously in the past few years for its previous owner. But now, it’s someone else turn to enjoy this beautiful example of a TR3A

To sign up for a chance to win the Vauxhall VX220, just click here and answer one simple question.

Or, if the TR3 is more to your taste. Then clicking here will get you to the right place to become the next lucky owner.

Good Luck!

Do you like TR3s?

Just launched! Our competition to win this bright red 1958 Triumph TR3! If you follow this link here, it will take you straight to the page where you can find out more information about the car, see more photos and a video and buy tickets for your chance to win! So what are you waiting for?…

Another purchase!

You may have read about our recent purchases from yesterday’s blog posts, and here’s another one! This 1958 Triumph TR3, which was in the workshop recently for work, is now in our possession. The car has had a full service done in our workshop and it’s now ready for the paint shop to remedy the scuff to the front left wing. The question is, now that this stunning classic is ours, what should we do with it?

New Arrival at The Workshop: 1958 Triumph TR3

This gorgeous TR3 has arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars Workshop. It joins another TR3 which is being looked after by Ady in the Engine Shop.

This TR3 is in for a full service, thorough inspection, MOT and new fuel lines. We’ll also be improving the engine running and checking the passengers side seat belt.