1957 Triumph TR3

Competition winners

This week we announced the two lucky winners of our competition. Karl Reilly from Essex won the 1968 Triumph TR3 with his lucky ticket number

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From Competition To Weddings

When Karl Reiley won our 1957 Triumph TR3 through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, he stayed in touch and has become a good friend of ours.

Karl recently got in touch to tell us a lovely story about his TR3 and how it has recently been put to very good use. Karl said:

“You prepared my TR3 and XJS for me over the last few weeks, so I thought I’d update you.  My TR3 was pressed into service as a wedding car again last weekend. 

When I first won the TR3 it was immediately pressed into service for my sister’s wedding, and now again serving duty for my Son’s wedding.  The new Mr & Mrs Reilly, aka Nathan and Jennifer, used the Triumph as transport and as the focus for their photos for the immediate family, but the bride insisted the roof be up to protect her hair do.  At the reception, it received loads of attention, with a lot of guests wanting their photo with the car (and just a few with the Jag XJS too)”

Thank you Karl for the great photos and update!

Checking Over – Taking a look at our 1957 Triumph TR3 before it heads home

Our stunning 1957 Triumph TR3, which belongs to our friend Karl, has made its way out of hibernation at our secure storage facility recently and back to our Pettistree workshop for the team to take check it over and get it running properly before it heads back out on the road for the summer.

Our technician Julian checked over every inch of the underside of the classic sports car and inspected each individual line for any corrosion or defect as well as inspecting the brakes thoroughly. When it came out of The Hangar, it was noted as to not be running as it should. So, Julian stripped down the carburetors to clean them out thorough as well as adding fresh fuel before setting up the car to run like a champ.

Safe & Sound – New Vehicles Arrive at our HQ for Storage

Over the last week, we’ve welcomed two loads of cars to our Suffolk HQ to be safely put into storage with ourselves.

The first batch belong to longtime friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Karl. His classic sports cars, classic Jaguar and Land Rover were unloaded after being transported by EM Rogers to our workshops to await transit to our secure storage facility.

After being carefully unloaded, the cars were inspected and prepared for the next step in their storage journey.

Then a few days later, we welcomed a pair of classic cars which had made their way over to us from Europe for a customer. Again, the team at EM Rogers Transport handled the long-distance move before the cars were checked and then loaded up by the Bridge Classic Cars team for their journey to our storage facility.

The classic Triumph 2500TC as well as the beautiful patina’d Fiat 1500 will join the ranks of the other stunning and cared for classics in our storage space.

New Arrivals – Classics in for Storage

The Bridge Classic Cars storage facility, The Hangar, received some new residents yesterday.

These classics belong to a good friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Karl. Karl won our 1957 Triumph TR3A as part of our Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. Karl is having some work done on his house so has had his classics sent up to us here in Suffolk to be cared for in our Hangar.

They’re all now covered up, ready and waiting for their owner to welcome them home.

Something Old, Something New

Our TR3 takes its first drive with its new owner Karl for a special event.

We always love to see our competition winners enjoying their new cars but the update from our TR3 winner Karl Reilly was even more special.

Last Thursday Karl drove his sister Claire to her wedding at Brasted’s lodge in Framlingham Pigot. Our TR3 makes for the perfect ‘Something Old’ and ‘Something New’!

“It was such a shame it rained all day, Karl tells us. “But it was still great fun to drive with the roof up.”

“My sister loved it, it really made her day! The owners of Brasted’s Lodge loved it too, it received a lot of attention!”

As it turns out, Karl had won the car a day after his 50th birthday. After a challenging year, our TR3 was the perfect birthday present for Karl and the perfect ride to Claire’s wedding.

Congratulations to the happy couple, Claire and Andy!

Competition winners

This week we announced the two lucky winners of our competition.

Karl Reilly from Essex won the 1968 Triumph TR3 with his lucky ticket number 4174. Karl is a triumph lover, already owning a yellow Triumph GT6 so we know our TR3 will be in good company.

Today Karl drove a close relative to their wedding in his new Triumph and we can’t think of a better way to experience your first drive in a new car!

Our second winner was Lee Polley from Hull who won the beautiful 1991 Mini Rover with his lucky ticket 410.

We’ve been so overwhelmed with positive comments from other competition entrees and supporters congratulating the winners.

If you fancy your chances at winning a classic car, you can enter our current draws on our 1962 Triumph TR4 or a suave 1999 Mercedes 280SL.

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Competition Winner Receives His TR3

“We all buy a ticket in the hope we win, but we never expect to win.”

Our most recent winner, Karl Reilly from Essex, was delighted to receive our 1957 Triumph TR3 today with his lucky ticket number 4174.

He’s putting his new TR3 to good use this week, driving a close relative to their wedding on Thursday.

Karl is a Triumph fanatic, already owning a Triumph GT6, meaning the new TR3 will feel at home in the hands of a Triumph Club member.

If you’d also like the chance to be a lucky Triumph winner, we’ve got the TR3’s little sister, the TR4, up for grabs now!

Pick up your TR4 tickets here.

1957 Triumph TR3 – New Competition Car

Our gorgeous 1957 Triumph TR3 is the latest classic car available to be won. Our competitions give you the chance of winning a classic car for just a few pounds. We limit the maximum number of tickets that can be sold so the odds of you winning are clear to see.

For your chance of winning our 1957 Triumph TR3 for just £9 a ticket follow the link below:


Having serviced and maintained the TR3 for some time here at Bridge Classic Cars, we have first hand experience of this truly special example of one of the finest and most iconic British sportscars.

Restored in 2017 to exceptionally high standards by Triumph TR3 Specialists ‘TR Trader’ at a cost of over £42,000, the car is a greatly sought after and a rare find in right hand drive. Over 90% of TR3’s were left hand drive, predominantly made for the US market.

To add to the already incredible back story of the car, being a 1957 Triumph TR3, it also qualifies for the world famous Mille Miglia which having that credibility, hugely increases the value of this special car.

Finished in British Racing Green with Biscuit trim and Biscuit piping the car has undergone a serious transformation in it’s lifetime and is a credit to it’s former keepers.


  • British Racing Green
  • Full Biscuit leather re-trim, Biscuit piping and wool carpet
  • 4 speed synchromesh gearbox with overdrive on 3rd and 4th gear
  • Equipped with all weather protection including tonneau cover, stowage cover, hood cover, side screens and all vinyl roof
  • Standard lead free engine fully rebuilt in 2017 with H4 Carburettors, balanced crank/rods/pistons
  • Original steering wheel refurbished in 2017
  • Replacement switch gear and dials
  • High output heater
  • Wire wheels
  • Modern starter motor and ignition
  • Girling rear axle
  • Uprated water pump
  • Replacement wiring loom throughout
  • With only 1,137 miles on the clock since its complete restoration in 2017
  • Recent MOT and full workshop inspection

Tickets are limited to a maximum of 6875

Don’t miss out on your chance of winning this gorgeous British classic. Pick up your tickets today!

Our 1957 Triumph TR3 Mille Miglia returns

This week we see the return of our absolutely stunning 1957 Triumph TR3, Mille Miglia approved classic. We are even more excited to announce that very soon this car will be made available as a competition prize for some lucky person to own and cherish and MAYBE even enjoy the Mille Miglia celebrations themselves…imagine that!!

Very soon, this could be yours!

1957 Triumph TR3: Service and MOT

This gorgeous Triumph TR3 is such a credit to it’s keeper. It’s been getting plenty of attention sitting pretty in our workshop. This newly restored TR3 is in for it’s third year service.

Mauro and John have changed the engine oil and ensured all fluid levels are correct. We’ve lubricated all the required chassis and running gear components. we’ve checked the engine valves and given the car new filters.

Being a historic vehicle, no MOT is required. However for additional peace of mind, this vehicle has sailed through her MOT.

There was a small fault with the passenger door which has now been rectified. The door was needing to be slammed harder than you’d expect for a TR3. This was caused by a stud bolt being slightly too long, causing additional friction when shutting the door. We’ve ground the bolt down and now the door shuts percetly.

Lovely work, Team.

Faulty indicator on our 1957 Triumph TR3

Our 1957 Triumph TR3 is in today with a faulty indicator. Firstly we cleaned out the connections to the switch. We then replaced the relay and bulb and cleaned out the connections on the bulb. This repaired the fault so the car was good to leave us once again.

1957 Triumph TR3 – Service and MOT

Returning to our workshops today we have our stunning 1957 Triumph TR3; getting ready for the summer shows with a service and MOT.

Passed with flying colours…