1954 MG TF

Repairing the loose runners on the TF seats

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We had an issue to resolve on our 1954 MGTF, the seat was permanently stuck in position and would not move forward or back.

Upon closer inspection the runners were actually loose but this gave the opposite affect when weight was on the seat. The runners had positioned themselves like skies, pointing in different directions so the seat was essentially seized.

Having removed the seats and securing the runners back into position we are now able to move freely forwards and back.

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Very early 1954 MG TF

We welcomed a new arrival today in the form of our beautiful 1954 MG TF. Just a few small issues to address so we are not expecting to have her in our workshops for too long.

Issues: relatively large oil patches underneath, a faint smell of fuel lingering, the ride seems to be imbalanced at 50mph and the driver’s seat runner seems fixed in position.

The Car: MG TF 1500cc. Built on 15th December 1954. Very early right hand drive MG TF 1500. One of the first made for the home market. It lived in New Zealand for 32 years and came back to UK in 1989. A 5 speed gearbox fitted April 2003.