1953 Mercedes 220

1953 Mercedes 220 Engine Rebuild Complete

Ady’s finished up work on our Mercedes 220 Engine rebuild. The engine has had a brand new bespoke machined flywheel, valve seals cut, valves refaced and new valve guides. The camshaft has been re-profiled and the engine block completely re-bored. The crank shaft has been re-ground along with new gaskets and bearings being fitted.

Check out the video below to see her up and running for the first time!

Mercedes 220 Engine Build

Ady, Bridge Classic Cars engine specialist has completed another engine build on our 1953 Mercedes 220

Mercedes 220 cracked Flywheel

Whilst cleaning up our original flywheel we have discovered a very small crack through the moulding. This has resulted in the flywheel being unacceptable to refit. Having searched online for some time and speaking to some very useful contacts we have been unable to source a suitable replacement.

We have therefore called in the services of a company that can re-manufacture to the original specification so are now awaiting the new item to arrive before we continue with the final stage of rebuild.

Rebuilding our 1953 Mercedes 220

With all the new parts sourced and the existing parts restored we can now put our engine back together ready for a test run.

Play in Piston Ring

As you can see from the video below. The piston rings are of the wrong size, resulting in a lot of play and causing damage to the engine.

Stripping the Mercedes engine

Ady has now stripped our 1953 Mercedes 220 engine to identify the running issues.

As you can see, we have discovered two major problems which will most certainly require repairing.

Firstly, the pistons have been picked up in the bore causing scoring and the lines that you see. Upon further investigation we discovered a 26 thou clearance which is dragging oil through the system. This clearance should be around 3 thou. In order to rectify this we will need to bore out to fit new pistons. If we are unable to source new pistons then we will have to bore out and fit new linings. The linings will then house standard pistons.

Further more, you can also see the cam lobes are severely pitted so a new cam shaft and followers will need to be sourced. Failing that we will need to send away the original to be re-profiled.

Mercedes 220 Engine work

Our objective is to investigate the poor running of our 1953 Mercedes 220 engine. Already, we have discovered a defect in the carburettor. As you can see from the images below, we have laid a flat edge across the top and one edge shows a slight concave whereas the other shows a convex. This should be completely flat and these are very minor but enough for the carburettor to be operating with a weakness.

We have now stripped the carb and flattened the edge all over to remove the imperfections before rebuilding.

Two for the future: 1953 Mercedes 220 and 1997 Bentley Turbo

Due in later in the month for a full engine rebuild we have our 1953 Mercedes 220 W187. The car will be with us for a short time having the engine removed before heading back home until the engine is rebuilt and ready to be refitted. Stay tuned for more images, coming soon…

Secondly we have our beautiful 1997 Bentley Turbo in need of some TLC on many of the lower panels. This may look to be a full ‘below the line’ respray to get it back to looking its best.