1937 Triumph Dolomite

Dolomite’s New Brakes

Scott has been working on our Triumph Dolomite and replacing the brakes. He’s fitting new brake wheel cylinders and refurbishing the mask brakes. We’ve also

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Dolomite’s New Brakes

Scott has been working on our Triumph Dolomite and replacing the brakes. He’s fitting new brake wheel cylinders and refurbishing the mask brakes. We’ve also overhauled the wheel cylinders and master cylinders.

Triumph Dolomite’s Refurbishment

John recently completed the work on our Triumph Dolomite as the wheel cylinders were leaking and ceased, he replaced the dynamo, and then took apart the brakes to be refurbished.

Triumph Dolomite Issues Addressed

This 1937 Triumph Dolomite is back in for a service, the brakes to be bled and the dynamo changed to an alternator. The work has just begun so stay tuned to follow this Triumphs progress.

1937 Triumph Dolomite

In the workshop today is our gorgeous 1937 Triumph Dolomite. Having worked on this car in the past we are very familiar with this vehicle. It’s been getting a lot of attention form everyone here at Bridge. We just love this lovely classic.

It’s in today with John as the water pump is weeping and there is a leak on the fuel sender unit.

To repair, we will firstly inspect the leaking area and fix where nessasary. We will also check the fuel tank seals and sender unit.

Painting and fitting the new tank

The owner has supplied us with a brand new fuel tank for his 1937 Triumph Dolomite so having gone through our paint shop to be prepared and painted we have now fitted it to the car and tested.

Replacing the bonnet locking mechanism

Two of the bonnet catches on our Triumph Dolomite are very weak so we have decided to replace all four with a brand new set, like for like.

For now, the catches are holding up but over time they will finally give so having a new set which look exactly the same will not deflect from the original look but will be a safer option.

Triumph Dolomite Tank Corrosion

Our 1937 Triumph Dolomite is still struggling to run so is back in our workshops for some further investigations.

As you can see, the tank is full of rust and corrosion which is causing the fuel lines to clog up and subsequently the car to run badly and break down. The tank has been removed and although we would be able to clean out the tank it will inevitably continue to corrode so we have no alternative other than to manufacture and fit a new tank.

Triumph Dolomite – Cleaning out the carbs

Not all projects come in and go out without a hitch. You may see from our previous post that the recommissioning was complete and the car was ready to go home. Unfortunately this is not the case as the car has developed running issues which we believe is caused by a clog in the fuel system.

We are now working on cleaning out the carbs and removing the build up from inside.

Failing this, it looks as though we may have to unfortunately remove the tank to remove the build up from inside there.

Repairing the indicator fault

We have investigated the indicator fault and have discovered a burnt out relay and blown fuse due to incorrect earthing.

We have now re-wired the affected area and the indicators are now fully functioning.

That completes the recommissioning of our 1937 Triumph Dolomite. The points were the cause of the car not running so with no spark we removed the points, cleaned up and retested. The battery has been replaced, the tyre pressures have been check. The front and rear brakes have been adjusted and having been cleaned up she is now ready to go home.

1937 Triumph Dolomite: Recommission

In our workshops this week we have our beautiful 1937 Triumph Dolomite. The car has been inactive for some time but we are confident that the recommissioning of this one will hopefully be fairly straight forward and she’ll be back on the road in no time.

Coming soon: 1937 Triumph Dolomite

Coming soon we have our 1937 Triumph Dolomite. We believe the car will require very little to get her back up on the road so this will hopefully be a straight forward re-commission. Due in later in the month, more images to follow upon arrival.