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1934 Riley Monaco

Monaco’s New Shoes

Scott has been fitting the newly relined brake shoes to our Riley Monaco. This has cured the squealing brakes and has now gone back to its owner.

Riley Monaco Adjustments

Scott has been working on our Riley Monaco to remove the brake shoes so that they can be sent off for relining with a softer material. He’s also fitted a lager rubber block to the clutch pedal to make it more easily accessible for the driver.

Breaking Down The Problem

Scott has begun to take apart the brakes on our 1934 Riley Monaco to determine the issue. He’s stripped the brakes down and checked them over, cleaned and greased them. He discovered that they still squeaked, so he filed the leading edge of the shoes to a chamfered edge. Unfortunately, Scott found that the squeaking still persisted so he decided the squeaking must be due to when the shoes were relined, the material used was too hard. The brakes are set to be sent away to be relined again.

Scott has also made up a block to go on the clutch pedal to make it easier for the owner to use the clutch.

Riley Monaco In For Squeaky Brakes

This 1934 Riley Monaco has come in to address the squeaking brakes, which are making rather severe noises. We’ll start taking them apart to see what the issue is.

Rebuilding 1934 Riley Monaco brakes

The car came to us needing a service and at the same time we were asked to investigation the brakes that did not seem to be in full operation.

Having stripped the brakes, re-facing the drums and re-lining the shoes Mauro has now successful rebuilt the brakes and the car once again, slows down and stops as it should.

The car is now complete and ready to return home for the summer.

1934 Riley Monaco Service

Pete has been servicing our lovely classic Riley Monaco. As part of the service he’s replaced all fluids including diff oils.

Pete is also looking into adjusting the bonnet to fit correctly and fixing the fuel gauge.

He’s also checking all the brakes and servicing them where required.

1934 Riley Monaco – getting summer ready!

In our workshops currently we have our 1934 Riley Monaco. The key objective is to have the car services and mechanically check ready for a full summer of shows.

Whilst in, the bonnet is not fitting as it should so this requires some adjustment.