Another Happy Winner

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Our Daimler arrived safe and sound with Gabriel Oconnell last week. We loaded up the lorry and sent it on its way over to near Cardiff and were delighted to receive a photo of two smiling faces! Gabriel and his wife Margaret were over the moon when it arrived, the smiles tell it all!

We can’t wait to hear about Gabriel’s drives with his new motor as he lives in a beautiful district of wales between Swansea and Cardiff, a stunning backdrop for a stunning car!

This Daimler already has a very special place in their hearts as Gabriel told us he used to visit his brother’s house every fortnight to polish his similar Jaguar XJ. His brother has unfortunately passed away, but we hope this car brings back fond memories.

Gabriel has already joined the Jaguar and Daimler club and has ordered up a car cover to keep his new pride and joy looking show-ready.

Here’s some shots of Russell’s loading up the Daimler ready for its long journey to Wales.

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