Almost Up And Running

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Our 1984 Suzuki GSX 400T has continued its restoration progress.

The headlamp bracket and the rear lights still need to be sorted and all of the electrics are currently being positioned out of sight.

The tank will be fitted soon. Once this is fitted, it can then be decided where the electrics will go. The tank has been lowered so space is more limited. The bike will also be rewired with a new harness as this will be more time effective than trying to make the existing wiring fit.

A KTM ignition switch that fits the top yoke should be able to be re-purposed so the positions include lights ‘on’. This means that just the starter button, horn button, and dip and main will be on the bars. The bike should be complete in around 10 days, although the exhaust still needs to be fitted up.

The footrests have been positioned 5-6″ further back so, when riding, you can stretch over the bike to get a more comfortable position. The only mechanical work left to do is the exhaust and fit the bodywork, and then the wiring will be finished before the bike gets up and running.

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