Almost Ready For Competition

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Classic car technician Jonn has continued his work on our 1970 Lotus Europa in preparation for it to be won through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions very soon.

After working out where he was going to route the choke cable and how it would operate, Jonn drilled the dash route cable and secured it in the dash. He then connected it at the carburettor end and tested it.

The electric window switches were fitted to the centre console and wired in as Jonn refitted it. He then cable-tied the DLC cable up under the dash, refitted all trims and cleaned everything up.

The wiring to the offside door in the kick panel area was fitted along with grommets to the jacking holes in each sill. Jonn finally tightened the water hoses at the rear of the engine.

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