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A Very Happy Reunion

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Today was a big day as the owner of our 1974 Volkswagen Beetle, affectionately known as Delilah, was reunited with her car after its time here at Bridge Classic Cars came to an end.

Delilah looked incredible in her very special, roped-off area of The Atelier. Her paint shone under the lights and the full scope of the work completed by the workshop team was clear to see. The restoration of this classic Beetle took several months but, as you can see from the photos below, it was well worth the wait to see it in its finished state and ready to go home.

Since entering the Bridge Classic Cars workshop, our 1974 Beetle has been stripped, had areas of rust repaired, it has been repainted, rebuilt, a new interior fitted, and lots of other tasks that have brought the car back to its former glory.

Gordon spent some time going through all the changes made and was very proud to show off the work of our team.

In a few days, we will deliver the car back to its owner and, although we will be sad to see it go, we are all very excited to see Delilah back home and ready for many more years on the road!

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