By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Before our 1991 Ford Escort RS Turbo went out to Bentwaters with Molly and the team for filming, classic car technician Jonn took a look at it to make sure everything was how it should be.

During his inspection, Jonn noticed that the header tank mount was pulled out of the wing. A new fixing for the header tank was fitted, tightened, and secured.

Jonn did a thorough inspection of the car and made some more repairs, when needed, such as stripping and fitting a new cambelt and water pump, as well as replenishing the anti-freeze. Additionally, Jonn aligned the steering wheel to ensure it was completely ready for its new owner to jump into the driver’s seat and get on the road.

This is an exciting addition to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions lineup and we are very much looking forward to launching it very soon!

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