A New Seat Cover

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Interior trimmer Lydia has been making a new seat cover for our 1967 Suzuki TR 250.

Before making the seat cover properly from Alcantara, Lydia made a mockup to ensure her idea would work. She used a piece of scrap fabric to work out the shape and add all the fixings she needed, and this also gave her the time to work out the fluted design for the topmost seat.

Once Lydia had completed the base part of the seat, she moved to the back. The backrest needed to be fixed to the seat, so she drilled some holes to allow her to bolt the backrest onto the seat. She then attached the foam padding, which is quite thin to allow maximum rider seat space.

Lydia fixed the backrest cover to the wood and added decorative piping to the edge. This helps to close up the gap between the fibreglass seat and the material. Next, she checked that the front flap lifted as it should to allow access to the bolts underneath. These are so you can attach it to the motorcycle as and when needed.

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