A Finished Service And Going Home

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Since our 1935 Wolseley Super Hornet Special arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop, classic car technician Steve has been giving it a full service. This has continued with Steve finding that the bottom of the carburettor was leaking and a new gasket kit was needed. There was also play in both track rod ends but this has been adjusted and resolved.

Steve stripped the carburettors ready for them to be cleaned and the new gaskets fitted. The owner of the car had found the timing advance linkage on the floor of their garage. Steve fitted this back onto the car in preparation for it to return home. New points, condenser, and rotor arm were also fitted.

As our 1935 Wolseley Super Hornet Special gets ready to leave us in the next day or two, we are enjoying admiring it in the workshop for as long as we can.

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