November 17, 2022

Good Luck!

A good friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Karina (also known as Bike Like A Mum) is heading off for module 1 (MOD1) of her bike

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Delivered – Our 1966 Ford Cortina MK1 1500 GT

Lucky winner Diego Walker took delivery of his 1966 Ford Cortina MK1 1500 GT earlier today.

Diego was randomly selected as the winner of our live draw held on 10th November 2022 with ticket number 1932.

It’s great to see our Cortina in its new home and we’re sure it will be very happy once it’s tucked up nicely in the garage and out of the rain!

Congratulations again to Diego and we hope you enjoy this stunning classic car.

Good Luck!

A good friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Karina (also known as Bike Like A Mum) is heading off for module 1 (MOD1) of her bike test today.

We hope that wearing our Blueprint Limited Edition T-Shirt brings you luck and that everything goes well!

It’s been great working with you in the past and seeing you at our live draws, and we hope to see much more of you in the future.

Classic Car Specialists – Bridge Classic Cars

Bridge Classic Cars are classic car specialists. We have restored hundreds of classic cars since we first opened our doors back in 2004. Things are very different to how they were back then though.

Classic Car Restoration

Our roots are planted firmly in the world of classic car restoration. Our passion for classic vehicles runs deeply through every member of our workshop team.

We love all classic vehicles regardless of make and model. However, we have cemented ourselves as a world leader when it comes to restoring Jensen 541 models. Over the years, we have had more than 20 of these rare cars come into the workshop. Whether they have been full restorations or if we have been involved in other restoration work, we know the Jensen 541 extremely well.

It’s not just Jensen’s that we restore though. Our current projects include a wide range of classic vehicles and all are in the skilled hands of our classic car technicians.

With close to 400 years of automotive experience between them, even the classic vehicles we restore aren’t as old as the amount of time our technicians have been working on them!

Classic Car Competitions

We pride ourselves on bringing a modern approach to the world of classic cars. We want future generations to look at classic vehicles the same way we do and we want them to find their own passion for them too.

At Bridge Classic Cars we want to make classic car ownership more accessible. That’s why we launched Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. Through this platform, more than £3 million worth of classic vehicles has been won by a wide range of people.

Owning a classic car is something that not everyone is able to do. Through our competitions, everyone has an equal chance of winning their very own classic car and experiencing everything that makes them so very special.

Bringing Classic Cars Into The Modern World

If you ask a classic car owner what makes a car a classic car, you will be given different answers by different people. For us, classic cars aren’t defined by age, they are defined by the feeling you get when you drive them, the craftsmanship that has gone into making them, and the passion you experience every time you see them.

It can be very hard to explain this to someone who has never been around a classic car. That’s why we are so much more than a restoration company, we are classic car specialists. We are bringing classic cars into the modern world.

Through our website, our social media channels, and being a visible presence at classic car shows around the country, we are helping a new generation of people fall in love with classics the same way we did.

We create written and video content that opens the classic car world up to a whole new audience. Not only do we live stream the draws for our competitions but we also create entertaining videos of all of our classic car adventures.

Bridge Classic Cars – The Classic Car Specialists

Here at Bridge Classic Cars, we love classic cars. We love restoring them, we love driving them, and we love sharing them with as many people as possible.

We are playing our part in making sure that classic cars will be around for future generations to enjoy. As much as the world continues to move forward at pace, we believe there is a place for classic cars in the future.

Right now, we restore classic cars, we can offer classic car storage, and so much more.

As we continue to bring classic cars into the modern world, we are working on more events, more projects, and sharing as much classic car news as we can.

We Are Bridge Classic Cars

Sold On – 1961 Francis Barnett Trials

Our very special bike has recently left the Bridge Classic Cars workshop after being sold on

This is a very rare bike that is an original Francis Barnett factory 250cc model.

After undergoing restoration work on pretty much every part of this bike, it was an enjoyable experience to see it drive out of the workshop and into the hands of its new owner.

Our 1961 Francis Barnett Trials left us to travel to Coven, Staffordshire where we hope it will cover many more miles with its new owner.

Before it left, we started the bike up one more time and experienced this very special bike before we waved goodbye to it.