July 15, 2022

Changing Places – Swapping the Number Boards on the 2017 Ducati Scrambler 800 Cafe Racer

The team at Bridge Classic Cars are beginning the process of replicating the original design of the number boards on the 2017 Ducati Scrambler 800 over to the new number boards.

The original graphics on the silver number boards, which came as standard on the Cafe Racer versions of the Scrambler 800, will be copied and taken over to the aftermarket Carbon Fibre pieces which are currently on the bike.

Somewhere to Sit – Making the Seats for the 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica

Brian, our lead trimmer at Bridge Classic Cars, has been making the seats for our latest project – the 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica.

Brian has been on trying to make the seats fit exactly as they would have on the original car it is based on. Handmaking each of the pieces that will make up the seats for our C-Type Replica is what truly makes our in-house trim shop, what we believe, the best in the business.

As the project moves forward, we’re excited to see the car take shape.

With the Grain – New Veneers on the 1987 Daimler Double Six

The trim shop at Bridge Classic Cars have been replacing the wooden veneers in the 1987 Daimler Double Six as part of its restoration.

The team have gone through and replaced the wooden trim pieces of the car with brand new pieces which were supplied for the car. The team have carefully then reinstalled them back into the car making sure to get the perfect fitment to get the whole interior to fit and sit perfectly.

Close Contact – Inspecting the Hoses and Exhaust of the 1954 Jaguar MkVII

The workshop at Bridge Classic Cars have been looking into a couple of issues with the 1954 Jaguar MkVII which is in at our Suffolk HQ.

Firstly, the team have discovered the radiator hose was making very light contact with the lower crank pulley. It has left a few very small witness marks on the hose itself.

After that, the team look into an issue with the exhaust. Upon inspection, they found the exhaust bracket and the inner parts of the silencer had broken apart. These pieces have been put on order for the car.

Finally, the team have adjusted the air vent linkage which didn’t allow the vent in the scuttle panel to seal correctly which now works as it should.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1969 Sunbeam Rapier

Last night, the Bridge Classic Cars team found out who the lucky new owner of our stunning 1969 Sunbeam Rapier was! Let’s take a look behind the scenes with Craig, Freddie and Nick.

The Sunbeam Rapier Fastback is one of the best-kept secrets in the classic car world. Gorgeous styling, good performance paired with sturdy and reliable engineering. Our beautiful vibrant Red Rapier Fastback proved to be hugely popular, by the time the competition ended at 7:10 PM last night, only 900 of the 7750 tickets remained. And, it was our lowest ticket price ever at just £3! But it was a lot of car for a very small outlay.

As the team went live on our Facebook page at 7PM, everyone began to join in with the comments section coming alive with greetings and messages of luck to each other.

After the introduction, Craig handed over to Nick for a quick tour with Freddie around the workshop to take a look at some of the work the Bridge Classic Cars workshop team have been doing over the last week. Then, at 10 past 7, the entries closed.

Whilst the team waited for the final entry list to be posted up online (which is done with all of our competitions) they took along around some of the other cars in the competitions building, some of which you will see more of very soon…

Then, it was time for the live draw. As always, we used a Google Random Number Generator to choose a winner from everyone who entered randomly. After a quick test to make sure the number generator was working correctly and messages of ”all clear” flashed away on the live stream, Craig input the numbers to be chosen between. 1 and 7750.

One final word of good luck from the team, and with a single click the future of the Rapier Fastback was confirmed. It would be heading to its new home with Chris. Who’s winning ticket of 5993 was selected by the random number generator.

As always the team give the winner a call. After a few rings, Chris answered. Although having your dinner interrupted isn’t always ideal, when Craig told him he was now the proud new owner of our 1969 Sunbeam Rapier, you could hear the excitement in his voice.

Delicate Work – Repairing and Refitting the Chromework on the 1984 Jaguar XJ

A few months ago, we repainted the bonnet and boot of the 1984 Jaguar XJ for its owner.

A couple of days ago the car came back to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop to have the team here repair and refit the chrome work to the classic XJ.

Scott, one of our technicians, carefully cleaned up and reshaped some of the delicate pieces to get them fitting just right into the recesses and curves of the car. He also had to repair several of the mounts needed to secure the trim pieces to the car. But, with gentle work, Scott managed to get all of the trim pieces looking spot on and fitted back onto the car for its owner.

Fitting Up – Washer and Wipers in Place on the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4

The workshop at Bridge Classic Cars are continuing with the refit of the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1 in for total restoration.

Our technician Scott has been working on getting the various pieces for the washer bottle and wiper mechanism in place as part of its rebuild. With the bottle and mount in place, Scott could begin to make the various lines needed to run up the firewall of the classic GT car but also work around the wooden framing which lies behind and above it.