July 7, 2021

Small change for Jag E-Type!

James has been busy repairing one of the protective covers for the brake and fuel lines, which sits underneath the back of the Jaguar E-Type V12. This one had gone misshapen and had some corrosion, from moisture being let in along a damaged edge, which is why it needed work doing to it. The other one is in much better condition.

James fabricated and spot welded the corroded one to get it back into its former glory!

Bentley Interior Refresh Continues!

Brian and Kath have been busy continuing to make the new interior for the Continental Bentley.

Brian took the old covers off the front door armrests and rear quarter panels. The rear quarter panels become armrests once in the car, sitting either side of the rear seat, in this two-door car.

Kath sewed up the front door armrests, which comprised of new leather pieces cut to shape, using the original pieces as patterns. Piping was created and sewn around the curved edge.

She then sewed up the new rear quarter panels, using the original pieces as patterns again, on the new leather. Piping was made up again and sewn in between two pieces.

Brian was then in charge of fitting the new covers onto the original forms. The front door armrests went back onto their shaped foams and the rear quarter panels were pulled tight and stapled on the underneath. These will then get attached to wooden boards before going back in the car.

Brian has also re-covered the front door panel with 3mm foam and leather, which are both trimmed to shape and glued into place.

Next up in the making will be making new pockets for the inside of the doors, which will be made from a combination of leather and carpet!

Cleaning and Preparing Honda Integra Parts

Lydia has taken a step away from the trim shop to join James C and James P in the preparation area. Parts for the Honda are now in the process of being cleaned and prepared. The door handle surrounds and wing mirrors are being prepared, ready for paint.

Jensen 541 – Spare Wheel Carrier and Dash Modifications

Tamas has manufactured a spare wheel carrier bracket to hold the carrier in place.

Having recently recovered the original dash, when fitting to the car we recognised that the dash was slightly larger than required. We have now stripped the dash back to reveal the area that requires adjustment. It has now been rectified and re-covered to make a perfect fit in the car.

And finally, Tom has fitted the grommets under the engine area.