July 1, 2021

Jaguar XJS Winner

🎉 Congratulations to Nick Cullen who won our charming 1989 Jaguar XJS V12 with his lucky ticket number 52! 🎉 Nick accepted delivery of his

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Riley visitor to Bridge HQ

Today we had a visit from John Pettifer who used to own our yellow 1951 Riley RMB currently in restoration.

John bought her from his wife’s uncle Peter Kearns who was the town sergeant in the police force in Steyning Sussex who had owned the Riley since 1960.

40 years later and in the year 2000 she was passed to John and his wife who parted with the RMB in 2005.

Peter was also the South of England Director and Secretary of the Riley Motor Club.

Thank you John for calling in and thank you for bringing with you these amazing images.

Bentley Continental Seats Re-covered

Lydia has been working on recovering a pair of Bentley Continental seats. She has done the whole process from start to finish by hand. She’s replaced the foam, cut new leather from templates she’s made from the old cover, fitted, stitched and glued the new seats together with a keen attention to detail.

Morris Minor’s Wheel Arch Repair

After a hit and run collision that left this little moggy with a severely dented rear wheel arch, we’ve begun our repair worked to get this Morris Minor back on the road. The damage was rather substantial and has needed James to fabricate in a new rear arch and panel which will later be painted.

Happy Chap With Goodwood Win

Oliver Quinn won our free Goodwood competition last month and we’re delighted to see that the Fellowship Membership and £500 have arrived with him safe and sound. The tickets will be on their way once theyre released!

Oliver, a university student, won with ticket number 102,051.

Congratulations Oliver, we hope you have a wonderful time, good luck choosing who you’ll take and we’ll see you there!

Subaru bodywork restoration

This beautifully kept 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX STi in for what started out as a small rust repair. Leaving no stone unturned James has noticed corrosion into the arch and sill and has taken a ‘belt and braces’ approach to make sure this modern classic is fighting fir for many years to come. James has cut out any compromised metal and has fabricated a new driver’s side arch and part of the sill.

Here’s what Freddie’s car usually looks like…

And here is the work in progress… We have elected to replace the rusted bumper brackets with new genuine Subaru parts.

Extension work continues: site clearance

The site is now being cleared ready for grounds-work to commence next month.

The old barn has now been demolished, the rubbish will follow very soon and then the new fencing will be erected to close off the area.

We can’t wait to get started now

Jaguar XJS Winner

🎉 Congratulations to Nick Cullen who won our charming 1989 Jaguar XJS V12 with his lucky ticket number 52! 🎉

Nick accepted delivery of his new classic this morning which was perfect timing as we hear his daily has broken down! Don’t worry Nick, your new XJS works as the perfect daily classic.

We wish you many happy miles and have fun!

Aston Martin DB2/4 Seat Creation

Brian has been taking apart the the covers from the rear base and squab seat on our Aston Martin DB2/4. He’s un-done the hinge from the bottom edge and top section of the squab and removed the rubber strips from their metal channels. Once he’d undone the metal trims, Brian then removes the tacks holding the squab to the wooden frame. He removed the cover and foam from the backboard and removed the trim from the top section. Brian then removed the side sections from top part of squab seat, undid the metal trim and removed all the wood from inside. He could then start peeling back the leather to reveal the metal trim and undo the rivets to remove back sections. Finally he removed the base foam to leave the metal tub ready to be cleaned and painted.