May 18, 2021

A Visitor From Germany

Our friend and client has had both of his Jensen’s with us for the last 3 years as we’ve been tackling the mighty project of their full restorations. He flew over with his son to finally see his finished beauties; a 1957 Jensen 541 RS and a 1960 Jensen 541R. We’re delighted at how happy he was when he saw them. After a thorough inspection and a test drive of each, we got the verdict and the small list of one or two minor tweaks. Once complete, they can be shipped over to Germany to start a new life overseas.

Both of these Jensen’s have been made with a keen eye for detail and the owner has had a strong involvement over getting both original and bespoke parts for these two classics, which will be added to his ever-growing Jensen collection.

Our client has a large collection of Jensen’s including this Interceptor which is undergoing restoration elsewhere.

Maroon Stag Carburettors

Our 1973 Maroon Triumph Stag has been sat stationary for a while which often causes issues with the functioning of the mechanics. Paul has stripped the carburettors and cleaned them out, which revealed the debris in the second photo and freed up the float needles.