January 12, 2021

Competition Winners

Yesterday we delivered our Jaguar XJ6 to winner Nick Nicola, pictured with his son, George. Nick won with lucky ticket number 664. Our VW Beetle

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Competition Winners

Yesterday we delivered our Jaguar XJ6 to winner Nick Nicola, pictured with his son, George. Nick won with lucky ticket number 664.

Our VW Beetle was won before Christmas by Colin and Jan Knight. Colin’s winning ticket was number 32. This lovely Beetle is safely stored with us over the winter. A great win for a lovely local couple.

Jaguar MKVII’s Quick Start

Our engine specialist Ady has rewired the Jaguar MKVII allowing it to run. This has been done by running the battery wire to the coil as there is a break in the loom meaning there’s no feed to the coil.

Check-In For The Navy Jensen

The 1961 Navy Jensen 541S is up and running for now however we are waiting on the client to see if they would like any more refurbishments done as this Jensen has been their own project which we’ve helped out on. It currently doesn’t have any brakes and there are a handful of other components missing that need fitting. Watch this space!

Much like our Jaguar MKVII, Ady had to link the battery to the coil to get the Jensen started as there was a diagnosed wiring fault between the ignition and the coil.

Austin Nippy’s Piston Problem

Our 1934 Austin Seven Nippy had an issue with rattling pistons that were needing to be bored. We’d sent the components off to Coltec to be pressure tested and bored so that the liner and piston sit in the Austin engine better.

Wheels On The Road

Both the Morris Minor 1000 and the Peugeot 504 have had their road tests to check how they’re running. They’re both currently being stored up at our hangar to keep them safe and out of the way now all their major refurbishments have been completed. Both ran their road tests fine with only a few minor teething problems.

Carburettor Corrections

Our 1958 Navy Jensen 541R has recently been up and running however we noticed that there was a petrol leak in the float of the carburettor as well as a leak in the clutch pipe. Once these elements have been repaired, we can take this Jensen out onto the road to see how it drives. This beautiful Jensen will soon be up for sale so keep your eyes peeled!

Last week Darren focused on polishing and correcting the body panels of the Jensen, ensuring that the finishing paintwork is perfect.

James has been welding the underside of the Jensen, fixing a hole in the exhaust. This has been done by making and welding a seal over the hole.

Grey Jensen’s Re-alignment

Our 1957 Grey Jensen is progressing well in its restoration journey with the majority of its interior trim fitted. It still needs its windscreen and Perspex back windows fitted as well as the door panel trims but the current job in hand is to re-align the doors.

We noticed the inner panels of the door were not sitting correctly so decided to investigate and found that some of the elements need refurbishing.

Black Jensen’s Final Tweaks

Our stunning 1960 Black Jensen 541R is on its final leg of its restoration journey and will soon be returned back to its owner. The recent additions include the oil filter which has recently been re-fitted, the start motor was installed along with a new exhaust. All the components are currently being put back into the car before it has its final paint correction and can then be road tested.

A large part of the final tweaks in a restoration project is reassembling all of the elements after parts have been fitted, which is usually the last stage before the road test.