November 4, 2019

Coming for sale soon: Porsche 911 996

Arriving soon into the Bridge Classic Cars showroom is this 996 generation 911.

Manufactured since 1963, the 911 is possibly one of the most iconic sports cars the world has ever seen. The 996 generation has never seen as much love as its air cooled siblings, however there is no denying Porsche’s racing DNA flows through the Carrera 4.

Engine displacement was increased to 3.6l in 2002. Power received an increase to 320 PS (235 kW).

1960 Jensen 541R

The Engine on our 1960 Jensen 541R has undergone a complete rebuild.

1971 Bedford J Type – Indian Takeaway Truck

Since we completed our restoration work on this 1971 Bedford J Type Truck it has been fully fitted with kitchen appliances, ready to begin it’s new life as a mobile Indian restaurant. We will see the car coming back to us at Bridge Classic Cars for final inspections before she’s out on the open road once more.

Coming Soon: Porsche 930 Turbo

Arriving soon to our paint shop for some remedial paintwork correction is this Porsche 930 Turbo.

Sporting a 3.3 litre turbocharged flat six engine. Flying to 60mph in under 5seconds, the 930 Turbo was the top of the line Porsche 911. The wide rear wheel arches, combined with Porsche’s iconic ‘Whale Tail’ rear spoiler make this vehicle one of the most iconic 911’s of it’s era.

Coming Soon: 1990 Toyota Celica GT4 4WB

Coming soon to Bridge Classic Cars for restoration is this rare Toyota Celica GT4 4WB.

The GT4 is the four wheel drive performance model of the Celica Liftback. Powered by a turbocharged 3S-GTE engine the GT4 was created by Toyota to compete in the World Rally Championship. The GT 4 was incredibly successful in the WRC. Carlos Sainz took the title in 1990 in his Celica GT4.

Stored in a barn for over 15 years, we cannot wait to see this vehicle enter our workshop and begin it’s return to glory.

Coming Soon: 1928 Bill Knott – Midland Caravans + Bluebird Caravans

Well this certainly is unique! Built between 1928-1931, this very early example of a Caravan is a collaboration between Midland Caravans and Bluebird Caravans.

Believed to have been built by Bill Knott of Midland Caravans and Bluebird Caravans. It sleeps two with an internal pull out bed and also features a sun canopy. As Pictured, it also has an original Rippingiles oil stove. This Caravan also has a concealed modern gas stove and small sink to make it practical to use on a camping site. The previous owner has enjoyed many breaks away in this towed by their trusty Hillman.

This truly unique, historical vehicle will be coming up for sale soon at Bridge Classic Cars.