Working on the Austin Healey Dash and Dials

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The dashboard of our 1955 Austin Healey has now been stripped so that the dials can be sent away to Speedy Cables to be fully overhauled.

Speedy Cables is an independent small company located in South Wales employing around 20 people with a variety of professional, engineering and craft skills engaged in the customisation and repair of instrumentation and the manufacture of custom control cables and custom drive cables.

Speedometer repair and restoration is a highly specialised skill and their technicians have many years experience to provide this service to a quality standard of the highest level.

They are able to manufacture replacement parts for many older speedometers which are now out of production as they have access to the original drawings and tooling of the Smiths Ranges of Instruments and a fully equipped workshop.

Their skilled instrument mechanics have the capability to re-calibrate speedometers utilising specialised equipment.

Each Speedometer needs to be individually assessed by the technicians in advance and you will be advised on the best options for restoring it to full working order.

We have decided to look at refurbishing the switches and knobs ourselves in house. These are readily available brand new but we felt it would be a nice touch to clean down and repaint the existing components to keep as close to originality as possible.


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