Windows and Doors for the Peugeot 504

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Scott and Brian have been tending to the Peugeot for its new trimmings and chrome installments.

Scott has been working on the window and door mechanisms. He’s fitted new rubber for the window seal, tested and installed new window winder mechanisms as well as repairing and cleaning the window winder motors.

As well as new window winder motors, the doors have also had some TLC to make sure they lock and shut nicely.

Scott has fitted new door handles to accompany the new door locks, striker plates and door check straps. All of which have been cleaned, repaired, re-greased, and fitted.

The new striker plates allow for the doors to align and shut efficiently.

Brian has been tending to the latest interior instalments for the Peugeot.

The leather for the door panel arm rest has been glued to the metal section, trimmed and turned over to give a neat finish. The door handle slots had also been cut and measured.

The leather has been glued to the foam backing for the back seats and is ready for sewing. Lines have been marked on each piece to indicate where the stitching will sit.

The front door panels have been cut out of hardboard, holes drilled into them for the armrest and door handles.

When ready, the leather is applied and the edges are pulled around the side of each piece to ensure a neat finish. The leather is hog ringed to the frame as this guarantees that the leather will be held in place and allows for a tight application.

Below you can see the armrest door panel and part of the back seats being fitted together.

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